US election: What happens now?

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It’s probably too close to predict who is going to win the US election outright just now.

So what happens next?

It could be days, maybe even weeks, until we have a clear winner. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans chose to vote early with the BBC reporting more than 100 million Americans voted before election day.

The counting of postal votes has only just begun and these votes will continue to come throughout the next few days. These votes could be crucial in the decision. The US is looking at its highest voter turnout in almost 100 years.

Nevada has announced it will continue counting ballots on Thursday, basically suspending voting counts until then. However, it is looking good in the state for the Democrats.

There are still a number of key battleground states that have yet to announce their results. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could be the key to the White House for either party.

So far, Biden looks good in Wisconsin and Trump is ahead in both Michigan and Pennsylvania.

But the issue really facing the election is the threat of the Supreme Court. Trump announced he would create legal challenges if the vote is close and even announced his opposition was committing voter fraud, but there is no evidence to back this claim.

Biden’s campaign team have said they have lawyers standing by. This would not be the first time the Supreme Court would look into recounting votes, having done so in 2000, eventually deciding Ronald Regan was the winner before he went on to become President.

Any legal challenge will create unrest among most Americans as it could last weeks, even months.

Inauguration day is January 20, 2021, so a winner must be decided by then. But for now, tighten your belt and settle in. This could be a long journey.

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