Turkish Grand Prix ICYMI: Hamilton, 7 time champion, takes Turkey Win from 6th!

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I have been covering this championship all year for Brig and I had the chance to make something for my course.
Of course I thought of Hamilton’s achievements this year, I hope you enjoy…

Vettel shares a moment with the man who beat him to 5 and has kept rising ever since.


Lewis Hamilton is sobbing down the radio as he is told he has won a seventh world title: “Thank you so much guys. WOO! WOO! That’s for all the kids out there that dream the impossible. You can do it too, I believe in you guys. Thank you so much for your support.”

Perez and Leclerc have a battle on the last lap.
Charles takes 2nd but runs wide and goes onto the marbles, he then locks up and Perez takes it back.
Leclerc then loses the place to Vettel!

Hamilton wins title number seven!

History is about to be written.

Mercedes going for a “safety stop” as he has one in the bag over 2nd placed man Perez.
The new inters are slower, but rain is due, and Lewis’s are as bald as slicks.
But Hamilton overrules just as he gets to the end of the lap.

Leclerc may have a sniff for 2nd as he’s starting to close up to Perez, that would be cruel on the Mexican, but he should have a podium no matter what happens.

5 Laps to go!
Leclerc looking to hold on to a podium as the McLaren of Sainz is starting to come alive in this final phase.

Verstappen drops it on the throttle as Albon slows to avoid the spinning Raikonnen.
He could have won this race today, Max had it in his hands at one point.

10 laps to go!

Hamilton now laps Bottas, he’s been shown the Blue Flag for ages now, surely a penalty on the way to compound his misery.

We’ve gone from no wins in the top 3 to 102 as Max now makes it into the top 3 again.
Bottas gets the blue flags, at least it matches his helmet…

Bottas is having an absolute mare of a day as he spins for probably the fifth time.
He’s also the next guy on track that will be lapped, by his teammate.
That’s gonna sting.

One step forward, two steps back for Stroll as he dives on Vettel but ends up losing the place straight away and then to Leclerc.
Threat of more rain on the way.

Hamilton has disappeared down the road, he’s over 5 secs ahead of Perez now just a couple of laps after he took the lead.

Hamilton takes the lead the hard way on track not through the pits.

Stroll in the pits, Hamilton now within DRS of Perez at the front of the pack.

Getting tight up-front, Stroll and Perez are within a second of each other.
Mind last time that a team starting with the letter R had two drivers fighting over the lead at this track?

Albon into the pits now, Hamilton tells his pit wall not to pit him, then asks: “How long these tyres can go for?”
“We don’t know” is the answer.

Vettel, Sainz pits, and then Albon spins all on his ownat turn 4.
Hamilton up to 3rd.

Leclerc pits for new inters just as Hamilton argues with his engineer that he doesn’t think there will be a transition to dry tyres.
This could set off a flurry of pitstops soon.

Halfway stage update:

Albon couldn’t make it past Perez, and now he’s complaining of his fronts being shot.
To make matters worse, Vettel and Hamilton are charging up behind him at a rate of knots.

Onboards show that the McLaren of Lando Norris is absolutely boggin, it looks like it’s spent the last hour running up and down the M8.

Albon is starting to hunt across-track for wet patches to cool those inters as we must be getting close to the crossover point to drys.
Some parts of the track on the racing line are just nowhere near ready for slicks yet.

Stroll is starting to lose pace, a once 10-second gap back to his teammate is now just under 4s.
Pick a winner. You can’t confidently right now.

Albon is on a charge now, he’s within a second of Perez, Red Bull vs Racing Point round 2!

The top 3 have no race wins between them, Stroll, Perez, and Albon.
Place your bets now

Verstappen and Perez dual through the fast corners of 9,10, and 11 and Max just gets too close in 11 and spins the car. Into the pits he goes as he now drops down to 8th.
Racing Point lives to fight another day.

Max is really turning up the pressure on Perez right now for 2nd, we aren’t even at halfway yet, if Racing Point wants this win, Perez needs to keep that Red Bull behind him for as long as possible.

Hamilton gets back on the rear of that Ferrari, Albon has already made his way through and up to 4th.
Great drive from Albon today, he really needs to get this car home today.

Hamilton tries going round the outside of Vettel but slides wider than he wanted to, Albon takes advantage and jumps back up to fifth.

Giovinazzi pulls over so everyone is told to hold position.
Let’s catch our breath.

Slow stop from Max.
How has he ended up ahead of Vettel?
Hamilton is all over the Ferrari gearbox, as the Mercedes starts to find its operating window in these conditions.

Red Bull have to get Max in, he’s losing time hand over fist, Stroll is catching him back up and will end up further back than he was before all the pits started

Stroll comes back out in 4th and does well to stay between the lines on the pit exit.
Vertsappen asks to stay out, but just as he does, Hamilton starts popping off purple sectors, the undercut threat is very real now from the Mercedes man.
Perez in now…

Here comes the madness.
The pit stops have been started, Ferrari and Mercedes pit their lead drivers as Leclerc starts setting fast times on the inters.
Here comes the race leader…

I’m starting to think there was a mix up at the paint factory before the race this weekend…

So far, up from 11th, Vettel is holding on to 3rd from the two Red Bulls, he’s essentially playing rear gunner for his future team for next year as the Racing points are now 15 seconds up the road.

Replays show that the spins by Ocon and Bottas at turn one was caused by Hamilton going up the inside of Dani Ric and he took avoiding action, but right into his teammate spinning him round, Bottas followed him to avoid a collision.

Bottas is back in 17th, in case you were expecting the title fight to go any longer.

It’s a Racing point one-two so far, then it’s Vettel (no I’m not pulling your leg) Verstappen, Albon, and then Hamilton in 6th.

Fantastic start by Stroll, absolutely awful one by Max verstappen who gets swallowed up by the pack.
Ocon and Bottas spin at turn one, not sure if there was contact there.

Inexperience showing a tad as Stroll doesn’t back the pack up before he takes his place at the front of the starting grid.

Oh yeah, some dude called Hamilton is apparently chasing a 7th title from 6th on the grid.

We think most of the drivers are starting on full wets, Russell and Giovinazzi crashed on the way to the grid, it is still treacherous out there.

Stroll on pole, yes, say that again. The poor guy gets nothing but stick, I mean, yeah he has a rich daddy, who bought him a seat on the grid. Then bought a team for him to race in, and made it as close to a Mercedes as he could, but cmon, the guy clearly has some talent.

It’s time for Turkey!
Im so excited for this race, the new tarmac, the rain, the cold, the mixed up grid, oh boy oh boy, this is gonna be a belter!

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