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Social media platform TikTok isn’t just for dances and memes, it can be educational too. In 15 second or one-minute videos, you can see glorious food creations that’ll make your mouth water. Whether you want some cooking inspiration or to admire some tasty treats, here are ten TikTok food accounts you should be following (other than Gordon Ramsay for #RamsayReacts).

  1. The Hebridean Baker (@hebrideanbaker)

Thank you 100,000 💙 Hebridean Baker recipe – Clootie Dumpling #fyp #100000 #recipe #bake #clootiedumpling #duff #hebrideanbaker

♬ Hallelujah – Ben & Tan

The Hebridean Baker has one of the most soothing voices on TikTok. Learn how to bake cakes, puddings and more, many with a Scottish twist. If you’re lucky, you can see the beautiful Isle of Lewis and learn some Scottish Gaelic.

  1. Poppy Cooks (@poppycooks)

Poppy Cooks is a Michelin-trained chef whose enthusiasm makes you want to cook along with her. She makes fantastic series, such as “25 days of potato recipes to get you through 2020” and “How to up your roast game”. If you want some potato inspiration, this is the place to be. 

  1. Baking Thursdays (@bakingthursdays)

When not being roasted by Ramsay himself, Baking Thursdays creates cakes that look like internet memes. She has made everything from Shrek, Spongebob and Barry from The Bee Movie. 

  1. Ollie Eats (@Ollie_Eats)

Ollie Eats teaches easy recipes and shares his food knowledge with TikTok. His series “Proper British Dishes” teaches the history behind British food and how to make it. He also showcases scrumptious vegetarian recipes and useful kitchen hacks.

  1. Food Made Simple (@foodmadesimple)

This account does what it says on the tin and shows users how to make quick, easy recipes. Their most popular dishes include a sausage, baked bean, cheese and bacon pie made out of tortilla wraps, and a hash brown pizza. 

  1. The Food Industry (@thefoodindustry)

Go behind the scenes and into food factories. This fascinating TikTok account shows you how your favourite foods are made, including sandwiches, sauces and soups.

  1. The Korean Vegan (@thekoreanvegan)

Watch beautiful vegan recipes being created as you listen to stories about her life and what she has learned over the years. If you’re not admiring the food, the low-key lighting, satisfying crunches and close-ups will have you mesmerised. 

  1. Men With The Pot (@menwiththepot)

Escape to the wilderness and enjoy one-pot cooking over a fire. Not only can you appreciate the beauties of nature, but you can hear the soft chopping, pouring and scraping noises as they make beautiful, tasty food. 

  1. This is Iona (@thisisiona)

Día de los Muertos is such a beautiful and vibrant festival, and these are delicious! #recontextualisingfood #edrecovery #fyp #learnontiktok #food #fy

♬ La llorona – Gabriela de la Paz

This is Iona recontextualises food. Learn important food and recipe history from around the world and different cultures. Find out how diet culture has demonised certain food and enhance your food knowledge, all whilst learning new recipes.

  1. Student Meals (@student.meals)

No need to order a takeaway with this easy and cheap teriyaki chicken stir fry (aprox £2.30 for 2 portions) #stirfry #studentmeals #food #cooking #fyp

♬ Gordon – Shreya

Easy, cheap student meals are essential for university students on a budget and are convenient if in a place you’re already scrolling. Find pasta, wrap and burger inspiration to up your cooking game. 

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