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Worries for local shops as Stirling prepares for level 4 lockdown

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Shop and business worries arise ahead of Stirling entering level 4 lockdown this Friday

Businesses across Forth Valley are closely linked. The travel ban, now law as opposed to guidance, poses a threat to how business will continue, with great concern placed on essential deliveries within the Forth Valley area as Falkirk and Clackmannanshire stay at level 3.

Education is also a key concern. St Modans High School serves all three areas, and there is concern for how education will be delivered with Stirling entering level 4. Travel between the 3 areas has been discouraged by political leaders to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus in hopes of a peaceful Christmas.

Following the new restrictions, there have been pleas from political leaders to obey the rules with Stirling Council Leader Scott Farmer echoing the statement of Forth Valley’s director of public health, Dr Graham Foster:

“Action had to be taken now if we’re to have any hope of saving Christmas.”

This sentiment was echoed by Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, leader of Falkirk Council who urges everyone to “pay attention to the guidance being provided”.

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