My 5 All-Time Favourite Movies

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Movies are our escape from reality and with lockdown 2.0 looming over us it seems like the perfect time to curl with a hot chocolate, some popcorn and binge our favourite movies again. This list was harder than anticipated to put together, there are so many movies that I adore witling them down to 5 was an interesting task. 

I know myself that when it comes to movie nights, I am the absolute worst! I tend to be happy with any choice of movie from nearly any genre. I’m the person on the sofa that just handing off the remote going “you pick”.  

Most of my favourite all-time movies come from ones I have seen over and over again. They have been with me since my childhood, they have moulded the types of movies and shows I like now. These are the movies which caused my love of movies and pop culture. 


5) Muppets: A Christmas Carol (Disney +) 

I suppose a Christmas movie seems quite predictable with this time of year, it’s coming up to the holidays and everyone wants to get into the festive spirit. Frankly, I could do an entire list of Christmas movies, I adore them that much.  

Though this movie means more to me than just helping to get into the festive spirit. Growing up I would watch the muppets movies over and over again. I loved that no matter what sort of creature the movies had in them, no matter how different everyone was they were still included by everyone. These movies showed that everyone is different and that is something that should be celebrated, everyone has different ambitions and no matter who that person is, if they work hard enough, they can achieve their dreams.  


4) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (DVD, or amazon purchase) 

The entire series of Harry Potter movies is one of my favourite weekend binges, therefore I’m choosing the first movie as that’s where the magic begins. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t sit down and watch this movie without feeling the magic of Hogwarts or the wish for your letter to arrive via owl.  

This movie will always transport me back to my childhood and I don’t think there will ever be a day where I don’t love it. 


3) Lady and the Tramp (Disney +) 

I remember when I got the DVD for this movie it came with a little stuffed Lady toy. I was obsessed with this little plushie and would watch the movie over and over again curled up on the sofa with it. Now anytime I watch this movie it’s so heart-warming, it reminds me of being at home watching movies with my family.  

It shows that no matter what occurs, if you work hard and try, you’ll always find your way back. 


2) The Addams Family (Netflix) 

One of my favourite tv shows to one of my favourite movies. No matter what version of this franchise I watch, I can’t help but love it. The Addams’ Family will always be different to anything else that you watch, it’s the kooky macabre family.  

It is the movie that proves no matter the differences between people, no matter what they are into or where they come from, they can and should be excepted by those around them. That having different hobbies and interests makes you an interesting person, so you may not be the same as everyone else around you, but there is nothing wrong with that. Being yourself is more important than anything else.  

I watch these movies at least once a month, just because they are my comfort watch. They are movies which help you go, it’s perfectly fine to not be like anyone else. It makes me unique and that you never need to be anyone else but yourself. 


1) Wild Target (DVD) 

This movie is just so much fun, no matter how many times I see it I could watch it again straight away. It is so classically British, with its humour, you really can’t help but love it. An art thief, a hitman, and someone who just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What could be a better setup?  

If you don’t like movies that rely heavily on British humour, then this is most definitely not for you. Upon watching you will find yourself on a run down to Tesco as you will need some fig rolls.  

This movie has always been the perfect way to cheer me up after a long day, it will never not make me laugh.  

Featured Image: Evan McVeigh, Youtube, Wikipedia

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