Charity fundraiser threatened by Tier 3 lockdown

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Annual drive-in movie fundraiser organised by The Catherine McEwan Foundation risks cancellation due to Tier 3 Covid restrictions in Falkirk.

The Catherine McEwan Foundation is currently calling for the government to revise the lockdown restriction placing drive-in movies in the same category as regular cinemas.

Founder Derek McEwan said the foundation was expecting all events to sell out fully and that the inability to go through with the screenings would have a massive effect on the foundation. 

The first in a series of drive-in movie fundraising events were set to take place at Falkirk Stadium during the first two weekends of December.

Another event was set to take place at the Hamilton Academical Football Club the weekend before Christmas.

McEwan said, “to not have a full December Program is really heartbreaking for us because we were relying on those three weekends of sold out drive-ins to fund a couple of projects we’re working on.”

One of the projects the foundation is currently working on is a Nursing Programme with the Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children.

Image credit: Derek McEwan/Catherine McEwan Foundation

The Catherine McEwan Foundation was founded in 2003 and strives to improve the lives of people living with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis by helping them access better treatment and care. 

Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are two types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and are both lifelong conditions. 

Drive-ins are traditional for the foundation and have become especially important during the pandemic.

McEwan said, “the drive-in events that were done through the summer and through Halloween have been lifelines for us and the people that we are trying to help.”

He emphasised that the drive-in movies are family events and that everyone is separated by car to their individual family bubbles. “It’s the safest environment you can have for an event”, McEwan says.

The foundation was looking forward to the annual Christmas screenings as they are a tradition for many families. “It really is part of Christmas for a lot of people”, McEwan says.

The foundation hopes that the appeal for the government to change the classification of drive-in movies will go through by next year so that future fundraisers can go ahead as planned.

Learn how you can support the Catherine McEwan Foundation here.

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