Football clubs offer help with distributing Covid‑19 vaccine

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Scottish football clubs are offering their stadiums to help deliver the Coronavirus vaccine. 

Following last week’s formal request for emergency meeting with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the SPFL announced that Scotland’s clubs are “ready, willing and able” to help NHS with the roll‑out of the coronavirus vaccine. 

SPFL’s Chief Executive Neil Doncaster says: “All the arguments in favour of bringing back fans safely, outdoors and socially distanced, are exactly the same reasons why our clubs are uniquely placed to help with the roll-out of the national vaccination programme.” 

“We have 42 stadiums spread throughout the country, with transport links, parking facilities, expertise in handling crowds and plenty of space to ensure social distancing.” 

“Everyone knows where their local stadium is located and, with five million attendances each season, people are very familiar with how the grounds function,” he says. 

Aberdeen FC chairman Dave Cormack added: “We, as a club, would unhesitatingly support the use of our facilities for the vaccine programme.”

“We cannot understand the reluctance on the part of the Government to engage in meaningful planning to allow fans to return safely and securely, in limited numbers, in an outdoor environment.”

“Our test event showed it can be done very safely, with not one single issue reported. Our fans are as perplexed and frustrated as we are about the lack of progress in the months since.”

The Scottish Government commented for BBC that they are grateful and will “consider the offer in detail and look forward to discussing the part SPFL can play in this vital work”. 

The Scottish football estimates that the Coronavirus pandemic has cost them £70m, which could grow to as much as £100m before the fans in Scotland are able to return.

Feature Image: The Scotsman/ SNS Group

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