The Snuts set to release their debut album

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Scottish newcomers The Snuts have announced the release of their debut album, W.L, coming out on March 19.

The West Lothian natives enjoyed success at the beginning of the year, with their debut mixtape reaching the top 20 in the U.K. charts. Teaming up with producer Tony Hoffer, the album is based on the band’s journey from their roots in Whitburn to their mainstream breakthrough.

“It is a collection of milestones and melodies that time stamp our dream becoming a reality,” the band said in a tweet. “It’s a lifetime’s work and we really hope you love it.”

After initially achieving success with their 2016 hit Glasgow, The Snuts also announced that they would be playing the legendary Barrowland Ballroom on their May tour.

“We promised ourselves that playing the world famous Barrowlands and releasing our debut record would be eternally intertwined,” they said. “This occasion is a celebration of the fact for us as a band, and the fans who have supported us unconditionally.”

With W.L. set to release in spring, The Snuts will definitely be ones to watch in 2021.

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