DIY Christmas gift guide: scrapbooks

This Christmas, create a personalized scrapbook for your loved ones.

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Make your Christmas gifts more personal with these easy DIY scrapbooks!

These personalized gifts are fun to assemble, and will make the perfect present for your loved ones. Here is what you might need.

What you will need:

  • Blank binder photo/scrap book (these can be found online in many sizes and styles!)
  • Glue
  • Photos of your choice
  • Pens

Additional extras:

  • Coloured card
  • Stickers
  • Envelopes
  • Plus any personal memories you wish to include!

As for the method, it is time to get creative!

  1. Start by laying out your chosen images and allocate a page for them.
  2. Then, you can lay out the extras you wish to include in your scrapbook and group them with the images you have selected.
  3. Mess around with different ideas and layouts for each page. Taking pictures of each layout can help you decide on a favourite.
  4. Annotate your pages! Leave little notes and explanations beside your creations. This will make it more personal.
  5. Before you stick anything with your glue, make sure you are happy with your design and the order of your scrapbook!
  6. Once you are happy with the pages, get sticking!
  7. Finally, once your scrapbook is complete, feel free to make your cover personalized too. The front of the book is the first thing to be seen so make it special!

If you are making a Christmas-themed scrapbook, here is some inspiration for the theme, ‘Christmas throughout the years’. A perfect gift for family members.

You can start chronologically with the earliest Christmas pictures at the beginning, leaving room at the last few pages so you can include pictures for the Christmases to come, creating a perfect Christmas memory book.

Image credit: Blogspot

Christmas gift tags are a perfect way to have your annotated messages in the scrapbook while keeping it festive!

Christmas cards make for perfect backgrounds for your pages, or just smaller card facings to make the book more colourful.

Image credit: Blogspot

These creative books are an affordable and fun way to make presents for your loved ones during the holidays, but they don’t have to be Christmas themed!

Your scrapbook can have any theme that you want or feel the recipient would like. To make it more personal you can make the theme inspired by other memories, for example:

If your gift recipient and you shared a trip, create a travel inspired scrap book!

Image credit: PenguinsCreative

You could include things like boarding passes/train tickets from previous trips for more memories.

Again, you can always leave space for future trips you hope to share together. This is a great present alone, or to include if you have got a trip away as a main present!

Whatever your scrap book theme, these gifts show that thought and time have gone into a gift which makes it so much more special and meaningful. Get the creative hat on and get scrapbooking for the holidays!

Featured image credit: BlogSpot

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