Christmas food: Pigs in blankets

Get to know more about the favourite pigs in blankets!

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Day 5

Today is all about pigs in blankets. They are perhaps one of the most popular additions to the traditional Christmas meal. It is estimated that over 128 million pigs in blankets are eaten on Christmas day alone.

But where did they come from? And where can you buy the best pigs in blankets this year?

Pigs in blankets often refers to some type of sausage that’s is wrapped in bacon, biscuit dough or croissant dough and then baked. In the UK, our Christmas pigs in blankets are traditionally chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon and then cooked and served with Christmas dinner. However, in other countries such as US you are perhaps more likely to see pigs in blankets as a hot dog in croissant or biscuit dough and they are a popular breakfast food. There are also many other varieties to how this popular appetizer can be made.

The first case of pigs in blanket appeared in print in the Cooking for Kids cookbook, published by U.S food firm Betty Crocker in 1957. However, it still seems to be up for much debate as to where they actually originated from. Czechoslovakia and Germany also seeming to claim ownership of them.

So where can you buy the best pigs and blankets from this year?

According to Good Housekeeping Institute, who tested 15 of the supermarkets and independent retailers pigs in blankets, the 2020 winner was Farmison and Co with a retail price of £7.95 for 300gs which of course is pretty pricy.

However, the runners up were Marks and Spenders with a price of £3.50 for 282g. Then closely followed by Sainsburys with a price of £3 for 330g, proving Sainsburys to be the best value for money and the best quality of pigs in blankets this year.

Some tips on how to make your pigs in blankets extra good this year are:

  • Dipping them in honey mixed and mustard
  • Dipping them in mango chutney and 1tsp sesame or poppy seeds
  • Adding crushed chestnuts or Paprika to give them a kick
  • Serving them with mustard or aioli dipping sauce
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