Sakhir Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE: Bottas takes pole by a hair from Russell

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Come back here tomorrow at 16:45 for a lights out at 17:10
Can Russell cause an upset? He was so close to one today.

Wow, the top 3 are separated by just 0.056, Russell ends up 2nd but he was only beaten by 0.026s.
From tomorrow Bottas will be looking over his shoulder, not just because of George’s grid position, but to keep his seat from this young hotshot after next year is done and dusted.

Final runs starting now!

I think Bottas and Russell topped up on Monster Energy before they went back out, cause they have just retaken the front row. Max now a quarter of a second off the pace of Bottas.

Leclerc is only 0.022 behind Max as well. If Mercedes weren’t fully awake, they are now.

Well then, Bottas and Russell cross the line first but are immediately usurped by Max Verstappen… And CHARLES LECLERC, what’s going on?

Here we go! Q3 underway.

Q2 Eliminations:

11Esteban Ocon31Renault0:54.3090:53.995
12Alexander Albon23Red Bull0:54.6200:54.026
13Sebastian Vettel5Ferrari0:54.3010:54.175
14Antonio Giovinazzi99Alfa Romeo0:54.5230:54.377
15Lando Norris4McLaren0:54.1940:54.693

Bit of a who’s who knocked out in Q2, Vettel, Norris, Albon and Ocon.
Leclerc is safely through though and Max hits back at the last to top the session.

Vettel pits with 5 minutes left, but Leclerc managed to put his car in 6th, ahead of Verstappen no less.
Sainz is up to third now, spoiling the Mercedes engine dominence at the top of the time sheets.

Perez now goes top, it’s a Mercedes powered top 4 so far, as the promise of Max’s pace in practice this morning isn’t coming to fruition.

Both Ferraris are struggling outside the top 10 and are running medium tyres rather than soft, Risky.

First runs in anger as Russell is continuing to impress, just 0.016s behind his teammate as he goes 2nd. Both Mercedes drivers are running on mediums for their race start set tomorrow.

Q1 Eliminations:

16Kevin Magnussen20Haas0:54.705
17Nicholas Latifi6Williams0:54.796
18Jack Aitken89Williams0:54.892
19Kimi Raikkonen7Alfa Romeo0:54.963
20Pietro Fittipaldi51Haas0:55.426

Normal service resumes, as Bottas tops the time sheets ahead of Verstappen and Russell. Albon snuck through by the skin of his teeth by less than a tenth

Four minutes to go, and Jack Aitken is threatening to get the Williams into Q2 on his first weekend in F1, currently 0.08 off of a Q2 place

Verstappen is at the head of the timesheets now, ahead of Perez, Ricciardo, and Stroll. Hald a second ahead of Bottas in 5th.

The Red Bull’s haven’t hit the track yet, but over at Mercedes, the two drivers are separated by just 2 tenths. not bad for Russell considering he’s only been in the car for two days

Here we go, Q1 is underway, is this a sneak peek in the battles to come in the future, is George as good as we all think, is it just the car or is Hamilton actually that good?
Questions questions, so many questions.

77, 33, or 63 who’s it gonna be?

Hey, it’s David back after a week off, what did I miss? Nothing major I hope.

Well this week won’t be a rinse repeat, we have a new track layout, a new pilot in the championship winning car, and a Red Bull driver keen to show he’s top dog when Lewis isn’t in town.

Hold on to your butts cause this is gonna be a stonker of a weekend.

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