Gift ideas for: The one who’s got it all

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Coming up with a gift for that one person who already owns every gadget, book and clothing-item ever created since the birth of Christmas, is a nightmare. The last thing you want to give someone, is something they already have. Unless that something is love, a hug, or chocolate of course. 

So to help you on the way, here are five gifts-ideas, optimal for the ‘have-it-aller’:

  1. An E-card from the Choose Love Store

Rather than pouring more water into a full glass, why not share the excess drink with someone who’s thirsty instead? 

The global initiative Choose Love’s website allows you to select items to purchase for refugees and displaced communities across the world. 

Once you’ve chosen what to donate, you will get to pick a design for your e-card and fill it with a personal note. 

This personalized e-card will then be sent to your email through a link, which you can pass on to the-have-it-aller. 

Credit: Aine Donnellan

  • An Experience

With the vaccines about to roll out, there is hope for restrictions to ease as 2021 rolls in. Thereby, a whole world of possibilities arises in terms of gifting. 

After a year of Netflixing, banana-bread-baking, house-plant-growing and boredom, what better gift could one receive, than one that entails leaving one’s home? 

There are plenty of different website selling experience. Some of them include: BuyagiftRedletterdaysExperienceDays and IntoTheBlue. With everything from wine-tasting to sky-diving, there will be something amongst all options that will make your have-it-aller’s cheeks flushed with excitement – now your job is to find it!

Credit: Fouad Khamali

  • A Taster of a Meal Kit Delivery Service

However, in regard to restrictions easing as we move into the new year: One lesson that 2020 taught us is to not always presume the best. Therefore, another potentially brilliant gift to the have-it-aller, is a few boxes from a Meal Kit Delivery Service.

That way, they can enjoy the flavours of their local – possibly locked-down – restaurants, from the comfort of their own homes. 

Cosmopolitan UK created a Top-17 list of some of their favourites: Have a browse and let your eyes feast on the scrumptious-looking content. 

Credit: Aine Donnellan

  • Something Personalized

A have-it-aller will be used to fake-smiling politely when receiving gifts, as they most likely already possess something similar to the present. 

Imagine the joy in their eyes if they receive something completely unexpected: Like a pair of photo-socks with both of your faces on them, a photo-album that you’ve filled with your favourite memories together, or homemade banana-bread – with a hand-written recipe attached – which you’ve perfected over lockdown. 

Putting thought into a gift makes it so much more special to receive – and give too, for that matter. 

Credit: Aine Donnellan

After months and months of being bombarded with bad news, why not change the tone as we transition into the new year? Postive News is a media organisation aiming to report on all that’s going right in the world: focusing on “progress, possibility, and solutions.”

The latest issue of their magazine, published quarterly, featured content focused on the opportunities for progress in the wake of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The illustrations are as uplifting as the reading in this publication and with a lot of uncertainty still ahead, this makes the perfect gift for someone who needs to get a positivity-boost.

A yearly Magazine subscription which renders you four copies (both print and digital) lands at the decent price of £30. If that will eat too much out of your budget, you can opt for the digital magazine subscription only for £20 – alternatively purchase an older copy for £3-6.

Credit: Aine Donnellan

If none of these ideas would float your have-it-aller’s boat, another suggestion would be to hop onto websites such as where there are endless amounts of gadgets, funny inventions and smart appliances you never knew you needed until you heard about them.

And if there’s still nothing that ticks the box: Invite them over for a homemade 3-course dinner – food is the way to everyone’s heart!

Featured Image Credit: Aine Donnellan

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