Stirling Covid rates drop under level four restrictions

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Three weeks ago, Nicola Sturgeon announced 11 council areas in Scotland would move to the highest Coronavirus tier level.

Today, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed all of these council areas will exit level four today and be put in lower tiers as of Friday.

Sturgeon announced most of the areas would be placed in level three with the government taking a “cautious” approach to placing areas in alert levels.

The 11 council areas were placed in Level Four on the 20 November as an attempt to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Nicola Sturgeon, at her daily coronairus briefing on Monday said: “The one thing that we are being firm about is that the level four areas will all come out of level four.

“Whether they go to level three, which I think is probably likely, or whether any of them might go to a lower level, that’s something we will look at over the course of the day.”

The weekly Covid rates from the 20 November in Stirling was 194.2 per 100,000 when Stirling was placed into tier four restrictions.

However, Stirling covid-19 rates as of 3 December has reduced to 81.7 per 100,000, meaning rates in Stirling are now lower than many level two or three areas.

All eleven council areas in level four restrictions have seen a reduction in the number of cases in the weekly rate per 100,000 people.

According to date from the Public Health Scotland cited by the BBC, Stirling has seen the biggest fall in cases, with 58% drop.

Across Scotland, cases have been continuing to fall, falling from 139 per 100,000 per week on 20 November to 101 per 100,000 on 3 December.

Scotland is due to begin vaccinating people against the Corovanivurs virus as of today.

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