Image Credit: The Times
Image Credit: The Times

Scottish Sport given £55 Million Lifeline by Government

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Scottish spectator sports have been given a fresh lifeline as the First Minister announced a £55 million bailout yesterday to ease lockdown difficulties.

The bailout comes after a number of clubs have threatened to go bust after fans were restricted from entering stadia since the beginning of March.

Aberdeen FC chairman Dave Cormack has blasted the government on numerous occasions in response to the government failing to let fans back into grounds following the relaxing on restrictions.

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However, the government has offered a plan to get struggling clubs back on their feet.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “I am pleased to announce this substantial funding package, which will help to ensure those sports which have been worst affected by the loss of ticket revenue during the pandemic are able to bridge the gap in revenue until spectators are able to return safely to sports events in larger numbers,”

Joe FitzPatrick, the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, also said the following: “While restrictions on supporters at events have been vital in stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives, there can be no doubt that they have created real hardships for many sports clubs.

“These clubs are at the heart of our communities and, without urgent financial support, the survival of some could be in question.

“I’m delighted that we are able to provide significantly more support than the Barnett consequential funding received from the UK Government Sports Winter Survival package.”

£20 million will be made available to top level football clubs in Scotland, a further £10 million will be granted to lower league clubs while Scottish Rugby will be offered a sum of £5 million.

While the sums of relief will be a welcome sight for chairpersons around the country, questions have also been raised about the long-term sustainability while fans remain unable to take their seats.

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