Arctic Monkeys manager gives confirmation on new music

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The man behind the Sheffield group, Ian McAndrew, revealed that Arctic Monkeys are “working on music” during a chat with Music Week.

For any Monkeys fan, this will be uplifting news following their album release of ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ last week- a recording of a 2018 show.

McAndrew also told Music Week that the band were meant to be in the recording studio during the summer but COVID-19 restrictions halted their plans.

Despite this, he believes that this has been a promising opportunity for the band to start writing songs and progress with future planning.

“If you’re literally locked down, you’re going to knuckle down to some work at home, and that’s what’s been going on.

when asked if he had heard any new content, he said: “When the restrictions permit I do get along to have a listen to what’s going and to check out some new ideas, which is always very exciting.”

However, he followed up by saying that no “proper work” had started as of yet, although any fan will still be thrilled knowing that they are in the set progress of a follow-up from 2018’s success story of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Credit: Arctic Monkeys on Instagram

The band have also been busy raising funds for music venues that have been hit hard financially due to the pandemic. They raised £128,544 in just 14 days by putting Alex Turner’s black Fender Stratocaster guitar in a raffle.

There is now hope that their seventh studio album will be sooner rather than later.

Feature image credit: The Independent

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