Council Leader: Show kindness to workers this Christmas as Stirling enters Tier 3

As businesses reopen, Coronavirus safety is still a concern.

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If you feel like you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, please follow the advice from the National Health Service – found here and NHS Inform. Save Lives, Stay at Home

A senior Stirling Councillor has called on members of the public to treat hospitality workers with respect as they return to work following an easing of coronavirus restrictions.

The Deputy Leader of Stirling Council Danny Gibson appealed for members of the public to treat hospitality and shop workers with respect when they are out in the town.

In a statement Councillor Gibson, who represents the city centre on the council, said:

“Above all, I would ask people to show kindness and patience, particularly to shop and hospitality staff, who will be doing their best to serve you and keep you safe in very difficult circumstances.

“These restrictions are tough on everybody and we are all weary of them after nine long months, but it’s more important than ever that we continue to stick with them so we can have a happier Christmas and look forward to better times in 2021.”

Stirling’s retail and hospitality workers have returned to work after three weeks in Tier 4. Credit: Brig/Harry Williamson

Businesses in Stirling were dealt a major blow as they were forced to close when Stirling was placed under Tier 4 restrictions on November 20 and forced to close, leaving many staff on the furlough scheme and getting less shifts as workplaces were restricted to takeaway only.

These businesses are now able to reopen to the public with the news that restrictions in Stirling have been reduced to Level 3, which will give many hospitality and shop workers their first contact with members of the public in many weeks.

The three-week lockdown meant that the number of shoppers in Stirling city centre was expected to increase in the last minute run up to Christmas.

Cllr Gibson (left) has called for members of the public to be kind and patient with workers this Christmas. Credit: Stirling Labour

Councillor Gibson’s statement has been welcomed by the Student Union’s Vice President Communities, Joshua Muirhead, who saw it as a welcome sign for the many students who work in Stirling’s retail and hospitality industry.

While some businesses have stayed closed over the Christmas period, some student workers have returned home after self-isolating and taking no-symptoms tests for coronavirus, other students employed by recently re-opened businesses are back at work over the festive period.

Muirhead echoed Gibson’s comments, asking that members of the public take a slower approach to Christmas shopping this year and show understanding to staff who are serving them.

“It’s important to remember that student workers are often disproportionately facing the brunt of the negative side to the festive period working in both the retail and hospitality sectors.

“ I’d encourage everyone to slow down a wee bit and instead of spreading Covid, they should try and spread some festive cheer, by showing both patience and kindness to staff who are doing their best during these difficult times.

“It’s been a long and hard year with still many more hard times to come, however 2021 is currently a beacon of hope to many and we should rise to meet it.”

Stirling Council and local business leaders previously called for members of the public to be safe when restrictions were lowered to level 3 in the run up to Christmas.

If you feel like you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, please follow the advice from the National Health Service – found here and NHS Inform. Save Lives, Stay at Home

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