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Yule and kitchen witchcraft

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DAY 21

Yule. The last pagan sabbat of the year. It is a celebration of the returning sun and light winning over darkness. The winter solstice on the 21st marks the shortest and darkest day of the year. After that we can celebrate longer days, more hope and more abundance coming our way. Yule is about spending time with your loved ones and yourself to reflect on the past year and gain strength until work begins again. It is a short break to breathe, collect your thoughts and focus on new resolutions for the next period of time.

Food is always a big part of this process. Cooking and baking can be a good excuse to gather with the people we love, spend time together and welcome some healing energy into our lives. Delicious treats as a result are also a very convenient side effect of course.

Kitchen witchcraft works in mysterious ways. It’s all about the motive and about the intention behind the ingredients. As Yule focuses on the return of light and occurs in the coldest period of time, usually warming things like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are the perfect addition to your dining table. Fitting foods can be potatoes, apples, oranges and many more. Symbols and Runes can be instrumentalised to decorate meals and bakings festively and incorporate spiritual meanings. The “Yule tree” or also known as Chrismas Tree can portrayed through bakings like a yule log or puff pastry shaped in the according form. Red/Green and Gold/Silver ornaments and sun drawings show the rise of the light.

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Yule is also the ideal time to integrate a little bit of mindfulness and magic into our everyday lives. Cooking with a prayer in mind and thinking about what you want to manifest for the next year is a good way to go.

Here are some other ideas to make your Yule dinner table charmful and wholesome:

  • make a warm potato or pumpkin soup with ginger and nutmeg
  • bake Christmas cookies, decorate them with sun ornaments and colour them with icing
  • bake a pie with a sun symbol on it
  • decorate your table with greens and reds, through napkins, candles and food
  • gather with your best friend and enjoy some homemade mulled wine or punch
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Overall, spend some time with your friends and family and celebrate the old Pagan sabbat through good heartwarming foods and drinks.

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