SNP MP Alyn Smith calls for more support for business and workers

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Stirling SNP MP Alyn Smith has called for more support due to festive coronavirus restrictions. 

Smith has written to the Chancellor after the announcement of new restrictions over the festive period.

Smith is calling for more wide-range support for business and workers. 

In his letter to the Chancellor, Smith pointed to the range of businesses and workers, which included: limited company directors, newly self-employed people, and those working in industries such as the creative sector – who have been excluded from support through restrictive criteria.

Commenting on the issue, Smith said: “It is the case that not enough has been done to help people by the Treasury, and without Scotland having the necessary borrowing powers to offer financial support to businesses and workers, we need the UK government to get its act together.

“Christmas cannot go as planned, but the slight relaxation of the rules for Christmas day, coupled with the threat we face from a seemingly faster-spreading variant of the Covid-19 virus, means that we have to enter into a period of stricter rules in order to help reduce the risk of community spread.

“This of course means that businesses will be faced with further challenges and loss in trade, and it is the job of government to offer support.”

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Smith continued to say: “To date, the UK government hasn’t gone nearly far enough in offering support to local businesses. I have spoken to numerous employees and business owners who have fallen through the cracks in being eligible to various support mechanisms due to the strictive eligibility criteria put in place by the Treasury.

“This includes self-employed people, such has those working in some creative sectors, and people who are directors of limited companies – of which there are many in the Stirling constituency. I have called on the Chancellor to make this support available to people in these situations, but so far to no avail.

“With the new strict measures coming into effect that will have a clear impact on our local economy, I am calling on the UK government once again to do the right thing and support everyone who is losing our on business due to this pandemic crisis.”

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