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By this point in the month, every Christmas song starts to get a bit tired. Last Christmas has been on the radio every hour and we all know the one thing that Mariah Carey is needing (spoiler, she wants you). Problem is, the big day hasn’t even happened yet and while it would be wrong to completely cut the classics out, everyone’s playlist could do with a little resuscitation.

Christmas In Hollis – Run-D.M.C.

If you haven’t heard this song before then you are missing out big time. Possibly one of the best Christmas songs of all time, Christmas In Hollis brings the festival rap that doesn’t seem like it would work but it so does. There is just something about the joy that one feels listening to this song that is unmatched and it would be a crime to leave this off of your playlist.

Christmas In The City – Mary J. Blige ft. Angie Martinez

A fantastic song in its own right, Christmas In The City belongs on every Christmas playlist for eternity (I can’t believe this year was the first time I had heard it). The smooth voice of Mary J. Blige paired with the mellow beat makes for easy listening. Blige has long been the bridge between hip-hop and r&b and this song perfectly encapsulates that.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – *NSYNC

One of the key elements of a Christmas song is that it is fun and this does not disappoint in that area. It sounds exactly how you would expect an *NSYNC Christmas tune to sound like. It is far from a musical masterpiece but it is guaranteed to bring some festive cheer to your household.

I Am The Grinch – Tyler, The Creator ft. Fletcher Jones

Possibly the only good thing to come out of the remake of The Grinch was this song. It can be hard to find family-friendly music in this style of rap and fans of Tyler, The Creator will know that his songs usually aren’t something you can play with the grandparents.

What makes this song great is that it is so different from what we usually hear at the holidays while managing to still feel festive and fun.

Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers

Definitely not for everyone, this song tells a story of a serial killer Santa holding someone hostage. Despite this, it still brings a festive feeling and is actually quite fun to listen to. There is no doubt that it is darker than most other songs and so might not be great for people spending the day with kids old enough to understand it. Its unusual choice of lyrics and noticeably Killers sound means its suited to fans of alt or rock music.

Present Without A Bow – Kacey Musgraves ft. Leon Bridges

For two years now (first in 2016 and again in 2019) Kacey Musgraves has provided us with a complete Christmas album and although there wasn’t one this year, Present without a bow from last year is still a fantastic Christmas song. Featuring soul-singer Leon Bridges, it is a fun, country-esque, jazzy song that is extremely enjoyable to listen to.

Warm on a Christmas Night – HONNE

English electronic duo HONNE released Warm on a Christmas Night earlier this month and its essential listening. They have somehow managed to perfectly mesh a soft Christmas vibe with a somewhat funky melody. The added strings really bring it all together to create a new-ish take on on a seasonal tune. It’s the kind of song that would work well as you transition into evening listening.

The Christmas Tree Is Fake – Common Jack

Fans of Sufjan Stevens will adore this song. Its slightly quirky vibe and plucky guitar is fun and will put a smile on your face. It definitely has an indie-folk quality to it that won’t be to everyone’s taste but it slots quite easily amongst the other songs that might be in your playlist already.

The Lighthouse Keeper – Sam Smith

Part of their new Christmas album The Holly and The Ivy, The Lighthouse Keeper is a beautiful song by Sam Smith. The layers of vocals and string instruments in the background are absolutely breathtaking. It is not an overtly Christmassy song but still captures an essence of seasonality that really makes it your day feel extra special.

Another Year – FINNEAS

We all know that Finneas is more than capable of making amazing music with sister Billie Eilish and that is no different for his solo career. This soft, slow Christmas song is perfect to wind down your night. The piano melody is beautiful and listening to it feels like a warm hug, something we all need this year.

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