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The art of bathing and making the most of me-time

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Time in the bath or shower is the ultimate me- time, a space for you in the purest sense with nothing to restrict you. There is a reason so many people sing in the shower. It’s your own personal stage, a safe space no one will bother you. During these times the art of bathing (or showering) can be your sanctuary.

Even the principle of baths and showers scream relaxation. Cleaning the stress of the day with the comfort of hot or cold water, refreshing you from head to toe. In Wiccan culture having a cleansing bath is a ritual to remove negativity and wash any troubles and worries away.

Here is how to make the most of it and enjoy a variety of different experiences from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Not everybody has a bath. For students it is something that could be considered a luxury. Our last student flat had a bath but ironically no hot water. So, this article caters for either.

Firstly, music. The right music can create the perfect atmosphere under any circumstances. The right playlist during a bath or shower can change it from a boring part of your morning routine to an enjoyable experience. The best go to music is always guilty pleasures. Whatever they may be. You really can’t go wrong. Sugababes – the uncertified soundtrack of Brig Newspaper, Girls Aloud, Atomic Kitten and many other 00’s girl bands make up my me-time anthems.

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Secondly products; indulgent bubble bath and shower gels can make a standard shower a spa experience. They aren’t pricey either, a bottle of Radox or Tesco’s own version is a pound at most, in all supermarkets. It smells amazing and is blended with sleep inducing essential oils to give you absolute relaxation.

There are so many bubble baths and shower gels out there and with another lockdown even essential shops like supermarkets have an amazing variety. Taking the time to look and choose can be a relaxing experience in itself. You can treat your shower and bath time like a spa, without the need to splash out.

Look for products with sea-based fragrances, or super sweet scents that will create an irresistible cloud of comfort in your bathroom.

If you do have the funds head to lush for a bath bomb or bubble bar. 100% natural ingredients that smell divine, create the most aesthetically beautiful baths – you’ll be relaxed before you even get in. Not to mention they are created with oils and natural ingredients leaving your skin sensually soft.

Next: face masks. Again, you don’t need to splurge for a good face mask. Montagne jeunesse or 7th Heaven face masks are available in most supermarkets for £1. They are fantastic quality, have a wide range and have been serving pamper nights across the UK for the past twenty years.

Grab a good book, light some candles, whatever floats your boat. Take some time to make your next bath or shower extra special. During lockdown it is the perfect escape and self care ritual. Try something different every week.

If you are looking for something even more cost effective you can get tubes of clay masks in Superdrug, Boots, supermarkets and most pharmacies. These are great for drawing out the impurities in your skin, have multiple applications, last for months and are a great quick fix for relaxation and beautiful skin.

Stock up and you will have a spa experience at your fingertips anytime. Self-care is more important than ever. The art of a good bath or shower is absolutely overrated. Take some much deserved time for yourself, our tips and enjoy.

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