Scottish Football set to continue through lockdown

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Professional football in Scotland has been given the green light by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to continue, despite the new nationwide lockdown measures.

There had been fears that the current season would be required to pause, and potentially end prematurely – reflecting the outcome of last season.

However, following SFA clarification, men’s football up to Tier Seven of the football pyramid will proceed as normal, meaning that games will continue from the Scottish Premiership all the way down to the East and West of Scotland Conference Leagues.

The Scottish Women’s Premier League 1 and 2 will also continue.

This means that both the Stirling University men’s and women’s teams will be able to continue playing competitive games, alongside over a hundred other professional sides.

Stirling University men’s team Head Coach Chris Geddes said: “From a football perspective we are happy that the guys are able to play.

“I understand the reservations that some people have about football continuing given the new restrictions, but we have managed to create a safe environment for players over the past few months.

“If any of my players have an issue with playing, or don’t feel comfortable, then I have made it clear that they have mine, and the club’s blessing to stay away until they feel safe. That is my top priority.”

Lower league football in Scotland has managed to avoid many COVID-19 outbreaks or scares, with Geddes saying that teams in the Lowland League have adapted well to the requirements for new safety measures this season.

“So far, all our trips away from home have been exemplary, and we have been made to feel safe and welcome by home sides. Hopefully this continues over the lockdown period.”

Whilst clubs have been given the privilege of continuing to play, it is understood that this is under constant review by the Scottish Government, with the possibility of a pause to games if it becomes infeasible to continue.

Featured Image Credit: George Vekic/ Stirling University FC

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