Over 100 respond to sexual assault survey

Campaign group Reclaim Stirling started the survey last July.

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Content Warning – Sexual Assault

This article contains mentions of sexual assault that may be distressing to some readers.

Over 100 people have documented their experiences of sexual assault at Stirling.

148 people responded to a survey created by Reclaim Stirling, a campaign which aims to tackle Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the university community.

The survey asked people to provide details of their assault, where and when it happened, if it was reported and if they were satisfied with how it was handled.

The responses will be compiled into a report by the campaign.

The new head of the campaign Jess Reid, who is also the Student Union women’s officer, said they have a working draft of the report and she hopes to have it published on February 1, but there is no decided deadline.

Reid said: “We’re aiming to build our network for future plans, which will hopefully come into fruition in February.

Reid added they will also be recruiting more volunteers.

“Hopefully, we can build a team of passionate volunteers eager to help with media, writing our report and any work undertaken in the future.”

The campaign currently has eight volunteers, including Reid.

The University of Stirling and Stirling Students’ Union have been working on a renewed strategy to tackle GBV

Reclaim Stirling has been a vocal critic of the university’s handling of GBV.

The university strongly refutes their claims and Dean of Equality Diversity and Inclusion Jill Stevenson previously told Brig in July last year:

“The University recognises that sexual and gender-based violence is pervasive throughout society, including at universities, and we are actively playing our part in tackling this issue through both prevention and response.

“The University and Students’ Union launched their joint strategy on preventing and tackling sexual violence in 2017 and are currently working in partnership to publish a refreshed strategy.

“Our approach is nationally-recognised, and we are proud of the investment we have made over the past four years; however, we recognise that sexual and gender-based violence persists in society and we are deeply committed to further enhancing our work in this area.”

Reclaim Stirling and their survey were launched in July of 2020.

Read our special report on the launch of Reclaim Stirling and the university’s efforts to combat GBV here.

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