Staged series two: saving lockdown number: I’ve lost count

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Series two sees Michael Sheen and his partner in crime David Tennant (or should that be David Tennant and Michael Sheen?) return for another series of their lockdown motivated show.

In short, snappy fifteen minute episodes it is easy to binge and is almost over too quickly. At time of writing the episodes are being broadcast on BBC One on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:40/45 with the full series being available on iPlayer, so of course I couldn’t help myself and I binged the full series. Plus, the timing of the arrival of staged series two could not be better.

Series two differs from series one as series two is more self-aware and staged as a show, whereas series one follows Tennant and Sheen rehearsing a play.

Although different this not set the series apart as one being better than the other. Sheen and Tennant manage to provide much needed serotonin in a time of lockdown, although the show is produced in lockdown conditions, and coping with this is mentioned frequently, it manages to provide a sense of ease and escape highlighting the creativity that lockdown has sparked. The show certainly feels like a time capsule of the ongoing pandemic, but the unconventional production keeps you watching.

As I mentioned previously series one and two differ from one another and one of these differences is the array of guest stars, some from a galaxy far far away and others from stage, screen and comedy (not to give away any names!).

Overall if you’re looking for a quick serotonin boost this is the show to go to. It provides laughs and heart-warming moments in the current situation.

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