A Ray Of Light In The Dark Quarantine Nights.

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This article is mainly for those who are in quarantine alone. 

Never did any of us imagine that we’d be locked inside our houses for months to come. Never did we imagine, we’d be too afraid to walk on the road, let alone to enter a coffee shop. Never did we imagine having a type of war, with a microscopic virus that could infect us at any time. Nor did any us imagine all our relations to slowly convert into long-distance ones even if we live fifteen minutes apart. 

Oh Covid 19, what did we do to deserve this?

Isn’t there any way for you to miraculously disappear and normality won’t be a faraway dream?

I miss my friends, I miss my life and I’m sure whoever reading this, misses it too. However, on a positive note, technology is the best thing we’ve ever developed: at least those who can’t be near us can be infront of us virtually. 

I know what might come to mind. What’s the point of everything being virtual, you want the real thing, you don’t want a screen anymore? 

Well don’t we all? But that can’t happen right now and as frustrating as it is, we have to find other ways to push away the loneliness that we live by or that we consider normal now, since the way things are, life will stay this way till at least the end of February. 

Therefore, here are some ways to make quarantine livable. 

1) Do the things that make you happy.

I know staying at home all the time, can be very overwhelming especially if you’re on your own. Loneliness has a way of getting to but if you try to indulge in the things you loved to do, you’ll increase the happiness hormone, and your frown will turn upside down. 

2) Call the people you love.

I know you’ve heard this one before, but tell me this, why don’t you call up your friends. You know they’ll help you whenever you need them. Don’t keep those emotions bottled up inside, from an experienced person to you. Even if they don’t care they actually do, give it a shot. 

3) Study!

Utilize the time you have, and give to the university, or to your work. Don’t waste it, focus on your future, and try to enjoy it. This is a good time to increase your grades, just saying. 

4) Netflix party or game night.

By now many of you might be tired of watching things alone or playing video games, why not play it online? 

Honestly Animal Crossing and Splatoon have taken over my life these days, why not try to play those when you feel down, it’ll make you feel better and get your mind off things for a while. 

5) Pet.

If not gaming why not get a pet? 

They help to reduce stress and make you feel like you’re not alone. 

6) Create a schedule for yourself.

Get back to a routine, if you sleep during the day and your awake at night, depression can come knocking to your door. However, do not make yourself so busy that you don’t have time to think about things, sometimes you keep so busy, you’ll be up all night thinking about things that won’t even matter, years from now.

No 7) Love Yourself

This time that you have right now is the best time for self-discovery. Take this time and start appreciating yourself and try to eradicate all the negativity that surrounds you. I know that’s difficult during this these times. However always keep in mind, if something makes you upset, you can always choose not to see it or hear about it.

Life isn’t the best right now, but you’ll go through it. However please if your struggling remember you don’t have to go through this alone, there are so many people out there who would love to listen to you. 

The University of Stirling, have an anonymous listening service, from Thursday to Monday 10pm to 2 Am. 

If you feel like you can’t talk to friends, try talking to a stranger it helps sometimes but you’re not alone, turn that frown upside down and whenever things get dark, remember the sun will shine. 

Credits:- Stirling Nightline

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