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Journalists Are No Longer Exempt From Covid Travel Restrictions And Will Now Be Required To Self-Isolate On Arrival To The UK.

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Journalists are no longer exempt from Covid-19 travel restrictions, as was decided by Westminster this morning. They will now be required to self-isolate on arrival to the UK.

Journalists traveling outside of the UK for work will now have to self-isolate for 10 days and provide a negative Covid-19 test upon returning home.

This decision was made by Parliament at 4am this morning, they announced online that a number of jobs, including Journalists, will no longer qualify for travel exemptions as of the 18th of January 2021.

Other jobs that are also no longer exempt from UK Covid-19 boarder rules include: Performing Arts Professionals, Television Production (including high-end television and film production) and Advertising Productions.

Journalists have been free from travel restrictions since 5th of December last year. All other jobs that now no longer qualify for travel exemptions have been updated on the UK government website.

BBC’s broadcasting transmission network, which includes urgent workers for BBC’s broadcasting are still exempt.

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