Schools across Scotland are to remain shut until at least mid-February

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Today at the coronavirus briefing, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed schools in Scotland will remain closed to most pupils until at least mid-February.

Currently most schools have been closed to pupils since the start of the new term with students learning online, but there has been exceptions for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. 

Announcing today that schools will remain shut across Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said she knows how “challenging and stressful this situation is for families.” 

Sturgeon continued to say: “And above all, I understand how difficult, distressing and damaging it is for children and young people to have their education and their normal interactions with friends so disrupted.”

“However, our reluctant judgement is that community transmission of the virus is too high – and is likely to remain so for the next period – to allow a safe return to school on 1 February.”

The situation will be reviewed on the 2 February where the Scottish government hope to have a “firmer timetable for getting children back into school.”

The Scottish parliament will be updated once the review has been complete on 2 February.

Image credit: BBC/REUTERS

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