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Feelings Of Anxiety

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My hearts racing, 

I can’t seem to control it, 

My fingers are tingling, 

Is there more of it. 

I feel this intense pain in my head, 

Is it cancer or my imagination? 

My body feels weak, 

Like some sort of paralyses. 

Can someone explain this? 

Doctor to Doctor I run, 

Asking if there’s something to be done. 

Hopelessness is the path I take 

And anxiety conjures my soul. 

If I only I could get rid of it, 

All on my own. 

Anxiety is something we all struggle with on a daily basis and I wish I could just terminate it, with a click of a button, like I do when I make a spelling mistake. However, this isn’t a fairytale, and every wish isn’t granted.

I’m sure many of you reading this must know the struggle of getting out of bed or feeling unhappy. It’s a struggle we all go through and it’s completely normal.

Feeling nervous before talking, thinking twice before leaving the house or being scared of any social event. Many people feel this way especially during Covid times but what can we do, we can’t change anything right?

However, there is one thing, we should try to bring awareness towards different types of anxiety disorder such as Panic Disorder, Health Anxiety, OCD and many more. 

Although the first step of awareness, is to educate yourself and then to educate others. Why not use this quarantine time to know about mental health disorders and how to help someone with it? 

Always keep your ears open, listen to the individual when they feel fear or heartache. All they need is someone to hear them out and that’s all. 

Try to be sensitive to their condition, don’t tell them you’ll get over it. Just tell them it’ll be okay and try to cheer them up. 

If an individual is getting a panic attack and you don’t know what to do. Remind them to focus on your breathing and that their safe. 

Don’t worry they’ll be okay, just be there. 

For further information you can visit these websites,

If you can’t talk, if they can’t reach you, why not try talk to a stranger. 

Stirling Nightline is open from 10pm to 2am, every Thursday to Monday. 

Credits: – Stirling Nightline

Feature Image Credit: – Haneen Akbari

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