Pepsi to sponsor Pakistan women’s national cricket team

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announces a one‑year agreement with Pepsi as the principal partner for Pakistan women’s national team.

The beverage company has been sponsoring the Pakistan men’s national cricket team since the 1990s, but has only now agreed to also sponsor the women’s team. 

Babar Hamid, the Commercial Director of PCB, stated: “The PCB strongly believes in the growth and promotion of women’s cricket and this partnership with Pepsi is a major indication of our commitment in this regard.”q

“Pakistan women’s national cricket team has made rapid strides in recent years; the team is a force to be reckoned with at the international stage and continues to inspire young girls all across the country.

“Pepsi has been a long-standing partner and supporter of cricket in the country and … we are delighted that they have come on-board to support women’s cricket and we are confident that the partnership will be hugely beneficial to women cricket in the country.”

Ayesha Janjua, the Marketing Director of Pepsi Co, said: “There has been significant progress in women’s cricket in Pakistan. Our women cricketers continue to make their mark in the international arena, and we want to play our part in furthering their talent. It is an exciting opportunity for us.”

Even though cricket has been played in Pakistan since 1935, due to religious reason the Pakistan women’s team was only able to make its international debut in 1997, 45 years after the men’s team did. 

“We are working towards a promising future,” Janjua states, hoping that this historical agreement between Pepsi and PCB will “propagate and promote women’s cricket in Pakistan,” she adds. 

Featured image credit: New Indian Express/ AFP

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