Blondes plan new video release for single ‘Coming of Age’

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Indie certainly isn’t dead with the meteoric rise of Blondes, in part due to Tik Tok following.

Nottingham-based indie band Blondes are on the horizon after signing to C3 Records in Austin, Texas. February also promises to be fulfilling for the 5-piece as they set to release a video for their popular single, ‘Coming of Age’.

Will Potter (vocals), Alex Davison (guitar), Daniel Stroud (guitar/drums), Mark Turton (keyboard/guitar) and Tom Herbert (bass), have seen their track hitting over one million streams after reaching TikTok.

The song has featured in the likes of Lizzo and Alphonso Davies’ TikTok content.

It draws in on their experience of growing up and how nostalgic one often feels when looking back on memories. They truly highlight the euphoria of adolescence.

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This song could easily be the end track of a film where everyone has grown up and are now leaving one another with its lyrics so beautifully sung.

The guitars and melodies throughout just bring a sense of calmness for listeners.

“When we’re older, and it’s over, will this be a highlight?”. A lyric amongst others that really prompts the listener to think.

Davison has previously said that the song started with “the guitar riff” and that there was “something so nostalgic sounding about it”.

Image credit: Ian Cheek press

Blondes began three years ago at Nottingham University after meeting as freshers.

The penny dropped for them in 2019 whilst watching The Vaccines perform a set at Glastonbury who had told the audience to start a band, be fearless and chase their dreams.

As a result, ‘Coming of Age’ was written to almost salute this eureka moment.

They released a self-financed debut EP and slotted venues throughout the city until the pandemic hit. However, they are focused on writing new material and releasing more songs.

Blondes have almost 224,000 monthly listeners as well as two other tracks ‘Honey’ and ‘Supernatural Highlights’.

Stream all three on Spotify and other music-streaming services.

Featured image credit: Ian Cheek press

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