Sturgeon responds to SNP resignations amidst transphobic allegations

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The First Minister took to social media to address the growing concerns from some activists regarding the parties approach to the gender recognition act

Nicola Sturgeon has took to her social media channels in an impromptu message to SNP voters, members, and activists alike to address the resignations within her party that have occurred and are occurring in response to allegations of transphobia, specifically regarding amendments to the gender recognition act that some trans activists desired not being implemented.

Sturgeon declared that her message was unscripted, uncalculated, and that she did not consult with official members of the government and civil service prior- usually an essential part of public addresses.

The SNP have been dealing with accusations of transphobia for more than a year now, with other politicians who did not support amendments to the act also facing accusations of transphobia across the political spectrum. Accusations of transphobia are not limited to responses to the gender recognition act however, and have dealt with comments, tweets, or statements politicians have given, either publicly or privately.

Sturgeons impromptu address. Credit: Twitter

The First Minister was specifically addressing the young members of the party who she perceives as vital to the SNP campaign, and their success in previous elections. “It grieves me deeply that you have reached this conclusion after much soul searching, because you consider at this stage, the SNP not to be a safe, tolerant, or welcoming place for trans people. That is not acceptable to me, as SNP leader I will do everything I can to change that impression, and persuade all of you that the SNP is your party, and that you should come home where you belong.

“Yes we have differences on gender recognition reform. We should debate them openly and respectfully, but no debate can be a cover for transphobia. Trans people have as much right as any of us to be safe, secure, and valued for who they are. Transphobia is wrong, and we must treat it with the zero tolerance we treat racism and homophobia.”

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