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National Pizza Day

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Today, Febuary 9th, is “National Pizza Day”. To mark the occasion, Pizza Hut are providing a 50% discount to customers on all delivery orders over £25 this week.

Here are some fun facts about pizza to get you in the mood!

  1. A flavour of pizza is named after a queen.

The classic “margherita pizza” was named after Queen Margerhita in 1889. Queen Margherita visited a pizza contest as part of a royal event, and the pizza that she liked best was given her namesake as a symbol of its quality and taste.

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2) Hawaiian pizza was not actually made in Hawaii.

Despite being named after the US state, the pizza style and toppings were originally placed on pizza in nearby Canada by Sam Panopoulos, who devised the idea to increase footfall and sales at his restaurant. Hawaiian pizza is a topic which has caused division in the food community with political leaders, chefs and pizza chains split over the idea of placing pineapple on a pizza . The Prime Minister of Canada, Papa John’s and chef Scott Weiner have backed the idea of pineapple on pizza whilst the Prime Minister of Iceland and Chef Anthony Carron have both indicated a dislike of the idea.

3) The first pizza restaurant that ever opened is still serving pizza.

Lombardi’s in New York City started selling pizza in the year 1905 – thats over 100 years ago.

4) Pizza deliveries have gone out of this world.

The pizza chain Pizza Hut facilitated a pizza delivery in 2001; the eventual destination was the International Space Station. The pizza which was delivered as part of an event which drew huge media attention across the globe. The stunt cost pizza hut an estimated $1 million, but couldn’t even be enjoyed by any of the crew due to strict NASA protocols.

5) Dominos Pizza previously guaranteed a pizza delivery within half an hour.

The pizza chain offered its customers the ability to have their pizza within half an hour of ordering , although the policy was scrapped in 1993 because there was concern from organisations that the necessity for speed put stress on delivery drivers and would lead to a lack of care when driving on the roads. The policy was in place between 1984 and 1993.

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