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To all people, we should love

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Dear You,

‘’I wish upon every shooting star I see, just to be lucky enough to call you valentine, for the rest of my life’’

14th of February, Valentine’s Day. 

A day dedicated to love and whenever I think of love I think of you. 

How I wish we could spend these moments together, how I wish I could hold your hand and tell you the truth that you deserve. 

I’ve been in love with you since the moment I saw you. 

Alas this letter will never reach you and I’ll just hide it away in my blue box hoping I’ll be the only one reading these love letters and living in my fantasy. 


Lara Jean. 

Romantic comedies will always be the sole reason why I’m a hopeless romantic. All these books and all these fairy tales bring out the romance in me, since I was a mere child. 

Dreaming of prince charming, falling in love with poetry and reading romantic novels until I’d fall asleep and wishing I’d be able to have my own love story. 

Alas, the idea of love has slowly faded away and instead we see the growth of pleasure rather than the beauty of love. 

The movie to all the boys I ever loved, all I could think about is how innocent the character of Lara Jean is. 

She’s an innocent shy girl, who goes through every day with a smile on her face. She believes in fairy tales, in romance, the magic of a first kiss. 

She believes in Love, the love that is extremely hard to find in this harsh reality that we live in. She spends her day fantasizing on what could be and goes about her day, still living inside her fantasy. Until the moment it becomes a reality, and she meets Peter Kavinsky. A boy that everyone dreams off and a guy everyone deserves. The hopeless romantic sort, the one who won’t shy away from giving the girl he loves grand gestures, the guy who will proclaim his love Infront of the whole world, the guy who is too rare to exist in this day and age. 

Alas those are movies and now instead of romance, we find ourselves indulged in the idea of pleasure rather than the beauty of love and the significance of sex. We’ve somehow forgotten how to express our feelings and if we do, we’ll be called a ‘Simp’.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really believe, life was somehow better in the twentieth century than it is now, think about it. How many times were you about break up with someone on text or your favourite moments have been over the phone rather than spending time with each other?

Sometimes I wish I could just live-in romantic comedies. Where sex would be described as two souls intertwining and the importance of the first time, the lovers lay eyes on each other is the only thing you could remember, even if you’ve had 10 shots of tequila.

It’s funny how much technology can change the functions of relationships.

Therefore, why not try to spend time with your loved one today or if you’re not in the same place, just spend 15 mins by the phone telling them how much you love them. 

Since to be fair, you don’t need a holiday to celebrate love, you just need the person to love.

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