What to watch on Valentine’s Day: For the romantics

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Time to treat yourself to some wholesome romantic content, my friends. Now, you know I’m a sucker for a good recommendation. I’ve done a little bit of everything: so, who am I to deny you a couple of romantic recommendations?

I’m a girl of variety, I’ve got you covered.

Today is romance central, even if we’re in lockdown. If you’re single, live vicariously through these watches. If you’re in a relationship, then enjoy some cute content. And even if you don’t give a damn and this day sucks, these television programmes do not.

In the words of Adele, I am going to make you feel my love. These are a gift from me, to you, my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

1. Modern Love

Image credit: Hobby Consolas

I’ve found the perfect representations of love all here. Modern Love is the love child of Amazon Studios and The New York Times, so you know it’s got all the personality. The eight episodes are actually influenced by real-life column submissions in the newspaper.

What I love most about this is the different portrayals of love, how the emotion is so fluid. It’s such a raw and giving portrayal of life that it challenges the accepted expression of love and romance.

Which only makes this series all the more wholesome, not to mention it has a star-studded cast. From a bipolar Anne Hathaway to heartbroken master mat-matcher Dev Patel. Fall in love with all the heartbroken, heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories this show has to offer.

2. High Fidelity

Image credit: The Spinoff

You want romance? Let’s go. High Fidelity is all about our problematic main character Rob. An edgy record store owner who reflects on her previous relationships. She does this to an excellent soundtrack, some amazing pop culture references and in an attempt to get over that ex. You know the one.

The true love, the unforgettable romance and the grand mess. This series is diverse and encouraging, it’s a joy ride of emotion and laughs. You will cringe, you will shout, and you will coo at your screen.

Going through Rob’s top five heartbreaks, you’ll learn to tell right from wrong. Mainly because Rob almost always takes the wrong road. But if we all always made the right choice, we would be so boring.

3. This is Us

Image credit: StyleCaster

This dramatic series is an eat-your-heart-out romantic rival. Sure, it focuses on the lives of the triplets Kevin, Randall and Kate, but there are so many soul-warming moments. It’s all about the trials and tribulations of life, love and trauma.

Set across a whole lifespan, we get to see them manoeuvre their way through all intervals of life. This series will both break and melt that little heart of yours, but you’ll enjoy the journey, nonetheless. It explores so many different avenues of life and love that it truly makes it hard to define what love is. Watch Kate find her future in her journey of weight loss, see Randall search for his biological family and fight with Kevin to overcome himself.

4. A Discovery of Witches

Image Credit: Fansided (Claire and Jamie)

I would fail in my duty of being a recommending friend without one forbidden romance. Let me do you one better: this romance is between a very powerful witch and a vampire. I know, I’ve truly outdone myself. It’s based on the All Souls book trilogy and is doused in magic, lust and love.

Not to mention it has an incredible dark academia backdrop to the Oxford set romance. Diana is just a seemingly simple witch with too much magic to handle.

Matthew is a brooding vampire trying to figure out what’s going wrong with their species. Together they begin a literal time-spinning adventure that digs deeper into their very different nature. The ultimate idea is that their love can overcome an oppressive secret society of supernaturals, but can it?

5. Jane the Virgin

Image credit: Forever Young Adult

Do not tell me this was not on your own list. It’s American telenovela gold! Jane, one of the most romantic women ever, gets artificially inseminated. By her boss, who was her former crush no less. The love triangle between Jane, Rafael and Michael is one for the history books. Let us not forget the hilarity of a virgin getting pregnant by accident because of a drunk doctor, who is also Rafael’s sister.

If you have not watched this heart glowing series then please, treat yourself. There are so many fun characters and laugh out loud moments. This is very much a comfort show for when anyone needs a hug, which makes it the perfect watch for Valentine’s. The character development throughout is insanely good and this series will make your heart literally flutter.

Featured image credit: Women’s Voices For Change

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Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

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