‘Coming of Age’: An interview with Alex and Will from Blondes

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Nottingham-based band Blondes are getting ready to release their first music video for popular song ‘Coming of Age’.

In an interview with Brig, Will Potter (vocals) and Alex Davison (guitar) discussed the music video and how the song being viral on TikTok has helped the band immensely.

Alex spoke about how the song was released during a full lockdown meaning that they were unable to promote it or interact much with the fans.

“It feels great to put out more content around the song, it’s nice to give people a little more” he said.

“The video is almost ready and will be out very soon… only a matter of weeks before it is out” reveals Will.

When asked how it felt to shoot their first video, Alex said “it was tough and long as shooting days are”.

Due to management telling them it will feel like the longest day of their lives, they had strange expectations. However, Alex went on to say how they all ended up enjoying it as it was not as difficult as they thought it would be.

“The anticipation kept everyone up… it felt like the first proper band thing we had done in a really long time, it was really exciting” he added.

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‘Coming of Age’ is about the nostalgia one feels when growing up. When asked if they could share any hints on what the video will involve, Alex said that it very much plays into the idea shown in film.

“The video has us playfully interacting with the tropes and elements of coming-of-age movies. We’ve got bikes that are very Stranger Things, we’ve got an old fashioned car”.

Alex followed this with saying it is very 80s/90s/2000s retro.

Will described the song featuring in Alphonso Davies and Lizzo’s TikToks as “crazy” and “the icing on the cake”.

When asked if TikTok has helped the band to get more listeners, both responded in agreement at the same time.

Alex followed by saying how TikTok is great for creatives but sometimes can be very hard to get people to actually go to on to the music streaming apps.

He was very humble in saying that the band has been tremendously lucky as there has been a crossover which they are really fortunate for.

Image credit – Ian Cheek Press

In response to a question about how the band feel about the song being so popular on TikTok, Alex stated that it is surreal.

“We’ve never even really played a show out of our home town before let alone have our music put to people across the world and so for the song to go out and reach people the way it did, there’s no other feeling like it really”.

He then went on to say that “it is what you dream of as a musician and you want people to hear your music… it’s an amazing feeling, very surreal but it is something we’re very very grateful for”.

It was discussed whether or not the song’s popularity happened gradually or if it just happened. Will explained how the song was doing well in its initial release which was during lockdown last year but never really took off until four months later.

When talking about the band’s process when creating material, Alex explained how he and Will would write songs then bring them almost ready to go but this has since changed as they all now live together.

He went on to explain how it is easier to take fresh ideas as they come and just run it past one another.

“It is a lot more cooperative, we work together as a team which works a lot better. You might just have an idea and someone has a better one to take it forward”.

Image credit – Ian Cheek Press

Blondes have a wide range of main music inspirations from post-punk to jazz.

“What’s good about our creative process is that we influence each other’s music tastes and pull things from every era” Alex said.

They then revealed that there is a lot in store for Blondes this year with timing being the one for all the awaited material and plans that are yet to come.

One final question was what the first post-pandemic gig will mean to the band as a whole.

“Exciting as there will be a degree of expectation and that we weren’t expecting as we thought lockdown would be brief and the gigs would be to the same size” Will said.

“It’s very unusual for a band to find success in the way that we have but without playing gigs at the same time. We’ll step back on a year and a half later and everything is different.

I think it’ll be super scary but there’s nothing better than playing shows as a musician so it’s going to be really exciting” Alex said.

The video for ‘Coming of Age’, the song that has now seen over two million streams, is expected to be out any time soon.

Featured image credit – Ian Cheek Press

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