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International Drink Wine Day- Set Up Your Own Wine Night On A Budget.

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Wine, we all love it so why not take today, a day dedicated to drinking wine, and set up your own wine and snack night.

Not all wine needs to be expensive, and you can get a really good bottle without having to spend too much. There are loads of articles online written about what are the best, cheapest, bottles of wine. But here are some of the most common recommendations and what is the best food they go with.

*  Exquisite Collection Padthaway Chardonnay 2018 – Aldi £5.99

Image Credit : Aldi Online

This dry Australian chardonnay can be found in Aldi for under £6.00.

Good food pairings: For mains meals, Chardonnay is meant to go well with grilled seafood, shellfish, risottos. For lighter snack options try having it with some roasted vegetables, light pasta dishes or cheddar cheese.

*  Côtes de Gascogne Merlot Tannat 2018- Lidl £5.99

Image Credit: Lidl Online

If you are a fan of red wine try the French Merlot Tannat from Lidl.

Good food pairings: This wine is meant to go with a lot but for main meals try it with any chicken or beef dishes, sausage pasta or pizza. For lighter snack options have it with some chips, fruity cheese and nuts.

*  Specially Selected Bordeaux Rosé- Aldi £5.99

Image Credit; Aldi Online

Although this Rosé is one of the best for its price, you can get good affordable Rosé from many supermarkets.

Good food pairings: Rose also goes with a lot but it is meant to be one of the best wines to have with a Chinese! Homemade or takeaway. Some snack options are soft cheeses (Feta in particular), bruschetta and chocolate.

Other good wines that are less that £6.00:


*      Corbières (Lidl, £4.99) 

*      Toro Loco Organic Red Wine 2017 (Aldi, £4.99)


*      Vin de Pays du Gers 2018 (Marks & Spencer, £5.00)

*   Australian Chardonnay 2018 (Tesco, £4.69

*   Fairtrade Chenin Blanc 2018 (Co-op, £4.85)


*      Yallaroo Australian Rosé (Aldi, £4.99)

For more information on different wines and what food they go the best with. As well as how to have the best wine night. Have a look a website’s such as Fiona Beckett Matching food & wine.

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