Wolf Alice: ‘The Last Man on Earth’

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Alt-rock band Wolf Alice have released their first single ‘The Last Man on Earth’ from their third album ‘Blue Weekend’ which is set to come out on June 11 via Dirty Hit.

For Ellie Rowsell (vocals/guitar), Joff Oddie (vocals/guitar), Theo Ellis (bass) and Joel Amey (vocals/drums) to debut this as the album’s lead single is a great decision. The track is so majestic that it really sets the tone for ‘Blue Weekend’.

Rowsell has told of how she took inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut’s 1963 novel ‘Cat’s Cradle’. Having read the book recently, the track includes the Vonnegut quote in its opening lines.

“Who are you to ask for anything more? Do you wait for your dancing lessons to be sent from God?” the track opens with.

She has also said that the song is about “the arrogance of humans”. It initially begins with Rowsell’s soft vocals and piano.

However, the track changes pace and really kicks in, becoming more powerful half-way through. Rowsell takes fans on a journey full of emotions due to her angelic vocals.

Image credit – Ian Cheek Press

‘The Last Man on Earth’ is a piano ballad with an evolving second part that explodes and really pieces the whole song together, giving fans the best of both worlds.

The video, released on the same day, displays the track name before showing Rowsell in a dark setting.

There are moments where she is almost whispering lines but her vocals still shine through leaving that effect on listeners.

The video creates a scenic atmosphere at points. The black-and-white throughout adds to that vintage horror setting that is being implied

As the base kicks in, Rowsell’s reflection is seen through an eye adding to that cinematic effect.

During the bridge and ending chorus, she is surrounded by fire yet maintains this calmness.

Image credit – Ian Cheek Press

The mixing of Rowsell’s vocals is really effective and something that fans will appreciate as they get to hear both sides of her which can be really telling in a song.

The award-winning Wolf Alice will feature 11 tracks on ‘Blue Weekend’ with ‘The Last Man on Earth’ being the ninth on the list.

This long-awaited return has fulfilled fans and is certainly promising for what is yet to come.

Listen to ‘The Last Man on Earth’ now on all music-streaming services and watch the video on YouTube.

Featured image credit – Ian Cheek Press

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