A review of double release from ‘Mother Mother’, the band who shot to popularity thanks to TikTok

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Canadian indie rock band ‘Mother Mother’ have released two new tracks, I Got Love and Stay Behind.  Having recently shot to new found fame thanks to online influence, the new songs from the band come as a fresh take on their electro-alternative style.

For Ryan Guldemond (guitar and vocals), his sister Molly Guldemond (vocals and keyboard), Jasmin Parkin (also keyboard and vocals), Ali Siadat (drums) and Mike Young (bass), the fresh music comes as their first release of the year. This will almost undoubtedly be received well, as the long-standing band have received much exposure and attention thanks to a fresh wave of young fans on TikTok, as well as other media platforms.

The first song in their double release, I Got Love, is fresh and uplifting, with upbeat airy vocals, combined with a teenage coming of age aura. It speaks of not knowing who you are, or what you believe in, and having no plan.

 The emphasis is on the fact that despite the unknowns in life, having love and support is all you need to find yourself and your way in the world.

Quoted from their Instagram as being “songs about staying rooted in love and presence in a turbulent world”, they come as a stark reminder of the past year and dictate that we should continue to remain strong and grounded in what has been a chaotic period.

Stay Behind, although less upbeat, combines gentle acoustic guitar with a melancholic ambiance. It includes the same delicate and ethereal vocals, as well as a fragile backing track.

Listen: Vancouver alt-rockers Mother Mother share infectious new tracks 'I Got  Love,' 'Stay Behind' | Indie88
Image Credit: Mother Mother Website

It speaks of a slowed down lifestyle, including lyrics such as “life begging to include you” and “I don’t want the world at my feet”. It highlights the importance of taking a step back sometimes, going against the societal norms of constant consumerism and just taking time for yourself.

It can also be interpreted as remaining where you originate, not moving away from your hometown and starting afresh. Sometimes true contentment is found exactly where you started out in life.

The visuals included with the double release depict two people on park swings, with a raging fire burning behind them. This could be associated with themes of violence and anarchy; but it comes with a deeper meaning of surviving the impossible, and finding an almost playful, childlike enjoyment within the surrounding chaos. Much like what the past year has been like for many of us…

Having begun their musical career in 2005, with various artists and musicians coming in and out of the band throughout the years, it’s fair to say ‘Mother Mother’ have had a recent surge in popularity. This is in major part thanks to the popular youth platform, TikTok. Older songs such as Hayloft, Verbatim and Train of Thought have provided the backing tracks for thousands of online videos. They have been used for serious creative endeavours, as well as satirical comedic purposes.

“Finding these new fans, or rather them finding us, rather feels like a very generous gift from the universe” said Ryan, the lead vocalist, in a recent statement. “It’s always been about the joy of music and sharing in this joy with others, so we are thrilled to be releasing new music”.

You can listen to I Got Love and Stay Behind on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as YouTube.

Featured image credit: Asymmetric Magazine

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