Stirling cafes and restaurants Brig members can’t wait to visit after lockdown

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It’s been months since any of us have set foot in a café, pub or restaurant. With the end of lockdown on the horizon once again, here are the places that Brig members can’t wait to revisit.

The Burgh Coffeehouse

Credit: Isla Glen

I miss The Burgh terribly, and it’s not all about the coffee. We don’t realise how important the little things are until we no longer have them, and this place is one of the little things i miss about daily life. Like I said, it’s not even about the coffee (I’d much rather have a hot chocolate, which they do best) it’s the whole ambience to this place. It’s the perfect place to people-watch outside on a nice day, to get lost in a study groove while the world happens around you, or to just get cosy with a good book. When the world resumes again, I know this is the first place I’ll go, to find some solace in the chaos.

~ Hannah Coyle

The Book Nook

Credit: Isla Glen

One place I cannot wait to open up after lockdown is The Book Nook. Nestled up Upper Craigs in Stirling, it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle of the Stirling town centre. Not only does it have a fantastic selection of books, but the food is also beautiful in all its bagel glory. The menu simple- yet perfect for this setting, The Book Nook offers an array of bagels from wholemeal, seeded, white and more. There is a bagel for everyone! There are fillings like a simple cream cheese filling or more complex fillings, like smoked salmon or Parma ham. Recently added to the menu was homemade soup, paired perfectly with a bagel.

They also offer a wide range of fresh home baked goods- cupcakes, traybakes, Scottish tablet, along with an impressive hot drinks menu, with teas, coffees and hot chocolates. They often have special cups, depending on occasion, such as the special Halloween coffee, which was a pumpkin spiced latte- served in a cauldron topped with whipped cream. Not to forget their special Nutella and Lindor hot chocolate they had before Christmas. There is something for everyone in this little hidden gem, this will definitely be a perfect place to go once restrictions are lifted.

~Shannon McAleer

The Meadowpark Pub And Kitchen

Credit: Charlotte Sutcliffe

I miss “The Meadowpark” in Stirling because it always has such a welcoming, inviting atmosphere and is really community-oriented. The cosy atmosphere is built around pleasant décor. The views are some of the best in the area and offer a real sense of tranquillity. Therefore, this a place I cannot wait to return to when lockdown eases.

~Ryan Barclay

Morrisons Cold Beer Company

Credit: Isla Glen

It’s a cold Wednesday night. Another grinding day at university has been completed; lectures attended, seminars frequented, meal deals purchased. You’re on the bus ride home when your phone vibrates. What now, you wonder?

“Champions League tonight mate, you coming to the pub?” Your eyes widen. This is what weeknights are all about, and there can be no question as to where ‘the pub’ is – Morrisons Cold Beer Company. More TV’s than your eyes can take in, each showing a different game so it’s impossible for you to miss any of the action. Taking turns buying the rounds, your analysis of the game becoming increasingly far-fetched, celebrating goals you wouldn’t have been a few hours ago.

That’s what football is all about; getting down to the pub with your friends after a long day or week at work, watching the world’s best players cover blade of grass after blade of grass while you watch them, drink in hand, surrounded by your friends.

The sooner we can get back to doing this, the better. Where else is better to do it than Morrisons?

~Kris Johnston

HBW Coffee

Credit: Isla Glen

On the corner of Barnton street, you’ll find HBW. Since it opened back in 2018 it’s been my go to place for a chilled out coffee. Whether you’re sitting down with friends or studying it’s the perfect place. 

The café is run by Conor, he is always chatty and knows everything (really, everything) about coffee. 

Throughout the lockdowns they have powered through, adapting to the different types of restrictions and managing to provide the best service they can. 

A latte will cost you £2.70, give or take depending on the milk you want. They have a fantastic range of food – most of which are Gluten Free or Vegan. Their pancakes are always a good choice and recently they have been making some incredible donuts. 

Not to be dramatic or anything but I don’t think Stirling would be the same without it. 

~ Morven Mackay

Kilted Kangaroo

Credit: Isla Glen

Thursdays were a sacred day of the week for me and my friends. They promised two things: an abundance of pitchers and live karaoke sessions. Kilted Kangaroo was the first place in Stirling to get me excited when I moved there. From the buzzing atmosphere to the friendly bar staff. It’ll definitely be my first stop when normally returns and we need a good time. I was last in Kilted when lockdown was announced, it only suits that I’ll show face when it’s over.

~Iman Mackenzie

Unorthodox Roasters

Credit: Isla Glen

As part of this series of promos for the best places to go in Stirling once we can go out again, I have picked Unorthodox Roasters. Technically still open for take away, it just isn’t the same, but once we can park our butts inside again I can’t get past the vibe that this place has. The staff are super friendly, the setting cosy and comfy, and it has a garden area out the back for those hot sunny days too. I can’t really describe the place better than I can show you, so here is a documentary I and other classmates made about the place pre-lockdown because we loved it so much.

~David King

Vera Artisan Bakery

Credit: Isla Glen

As you walk along Barnton Street it is impossible not to spy the beautiful treats in Vera’s windows. They tempt you inside, where you will be met by the most divine, mouth-watering smell of baked goods. The staff are so friendly and will chat away as you select which delectable cake, cookie or traybake you would like. Each week there are new items to try and they are always moreish. As soon as lockdown is over, I will be back inside Vera Artisan Bakery to inhale that glorious smell and savour both the food and ambience.

~Isla Glen

Chester’s Coffee House

Credit: Isla Glen

Probably the place that I miss the most and will definitely visit after lockdown is Chester’s Coffee
House. Right at the bottom of King Street, Chester’s is a great wee place with a warm atmosphere and the friendliest staff.
The coffee is just what you need any day of the week, the customers are always happy and the owner Hilbert will always stop for a chat to catch up on how life is going.

For any canine lovers, Chester’s is a place where you can soak up the atmosphere with your four-
legged friend. The artwork on the inside is all done by graphic design student Eva McKee, and barista Chris does
the best latte art in Forth Valley. So if you’re looking for great coffee, good music and a place to switch off from the stresses of the
world, then Chester’s is the place to be.

~Harry Williamson

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