Boston Pride win Isobel Cup

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The NWHL semifinals and finals were suspended this February after an outbreak of the coronavirus within several teams.

Play was resumed over the 26th of March, the Boston Pride facing off against the Toronto Six in the first semifinals, and Connecticut Whale versus the Minnesota Whitecaps immediately after.

Boston found a decisive victory against the first seed Toronto in a 6-2 finish in the first semi finals. Minnesota also won in a staggering victory, finishing the game with a 7-0 lead.

Boston Pride win against Toronto Six. Credit: WorldNewsEra

Boston and Minnesota faced off in a tense final game last Saturday, Minnesota in the lead for the duration of the first period by a small 0-1 margin.

The second period picked up for Boston, at first tying up the score at 1-1 after a successful shot from Lexie Laing, followed up swiftly with another goal from Captain Jillian Dempsey. The Pride lead with a 3-1 lead into the third period after another successful shot.

Minnesota scored again in the third, Boston player Wenczkowski scoring the fourth point for the team in the last six minutes of the game, resulting in a frantic finish.

Boston take lead against Minnesota. Credit: Taiwan News

In the tense final seconds of the match, Minnesota scored in the final seconds of the game, taking the score to 4-3 but failed to tie up the game, giving the Isobel Cup to Boston.

The Boston Pride is now the only team in the league to have won the coveted Isobel Cup twice, their first win was in 2016 , which was also the first win of the NWHL.

All previous 2021 NWHL wins can be watched on Twitch.

Featured image credit: NBC Boston

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