Top 5 musicals that celebrate women to listen to over Lockdown

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March has been a month of celebration of womanhood through international women’s day and mother’s day and an opportunity to have open conversations about avoidable dangers and the honest reality women have to go through daily. So, before the month comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some musicals that promote honest retelling of women’s own narrative. As it is crucial for all art forms to represent a diverse spectrum of women for young girls to inspire too.

1.Dreamgirls by Tom Eyen and Henry Krieger 

Image Credit – London Theatre

Dreamgirls follows the band “the dreams” an upcoming singing trio in the music industry. The show spans across a decade depicts the trails and tribulation of the band and women through controlling managers, betrayal and the evolution of relationships .

 First and foremost, Dreamgirls is a perfect example of strong black women with drive , determination and ambition going after their goals despite hardship through their unique experiences and perspective through a world that’s built against them. Even though the end result might not be what they imagined in the beginning the central message of the show remains that women have a duty to support each other. which is vital for women when society takes satisfaction in pitting each other against us. 

Iconic bops 

  • And I am telling you 
  • One night only

Image Credit – Waitress Wiki

2. Waitress by Jessie Nelson and Sara Bareilles

Waitress follows Jenna and her two best friends at the dinner then work at which gives an insight into seemingly ordinary lives, but if you take a closer look, they’re far more complex than you might think. The shows depict Jenna’s story of being at the lowest point in her life, being pregnant within an abusive relationship, and finding her inner strength to fight for herself and her baby.

The musical demonstrates the self-determination that women possess working hard and how they step up not only for their biological family but their chosen family. Jenna illustrates that self-worth is dictated by yourself, not by anyone else. Another essential factor of this show is the production reflects the narrative as it’s an all-female creative team.

Iconic bops

• She Used to Be Mine
• Bad Idea

You can find the cast recording on apple music and Spotify.

3. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrissette and Diablo Cody

Image Credit – EW

This is a jukebox musical of the award-winning Alanis Morrissette album of the same name. The show follows the Healy family, who are forced into the structure of a picture-perfect family that is falling apart. The mother, MJ, is forced to submit her family into hiding their flaws and issues through fear and pressure that society has imposed on women; to be delightful and happy, which is impossible to maintain 24/7.

The show, like the album, is a gut-punch of emotions and flips what a musical is on its head. It tackles important issues such as addiction, mental health and race relations. There is a significant focus on sexual assault and broaches the subject from an older and younger character’s perspectives. This allows the audience a greater insight into how far we have come and what we need to do next to combat this issue and provide better support to victims.

Iconic bops

• Head over Feet

You can find the cast recording on apple music and Spotify

Image Credit – Stage Agent

4. Made in Dagenham by David Arnold, Richard Thomas and Richard Bean

Made in Dagenham is based on a real-life. In 1986, in the sleepy town of Dagenham, England, the biggest employer was a Ford car. When the women discovered that the men were earning more than them for an equal amount of work, they decided to protest. Follows the leader of the protest Rita O’Grady and gives an insight into a working mum’s daily life, a story that doesn’t get enough credit or appreciation.

The musical deals with the significant issue of equality in the workplace that we are still fighting today, which demonstrates that we still have more work to reach equality. The show illustrates a women determination as well as an understanding of self-worth.

Iconic bops

• This Is What We Want
• Everybody Out

You can find the cast recording on apple music and Spotify.

Image Credit – Shaftesbury Theatre

5. & Juliet

& Juliet is a jukebox musical with songs from a variety of pop stars like Jesse J, Britney Spears and Katy Perry. The show itself is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet you have never heard before. Imagine if halfway through writing the story, Shakespeare wife snatched the pen, and Juliet didn’t kill herself. She travelled and found her own destiny, not one that someone else had penned for her. This show is the definition of women reclaiming and rewriting the narrative.

The musical is a beautiful show about self-discovery and independence; it brings a classic into the 21st century with a diverse cast. The show itself has a plethora of diverse characters, including a non-binary character that is finding comfort within femininity, a topic that doesn’t get explored through the medium of theatre.

Iconic bops

• Domino
• I Kissed a Girl

You can find the cast recording on apple music and Spotify.

We hope these shows will satisfy your musical craving and helps you gain a better understanding of the diverse and mixed experiences of women.

Featured Image Credit – Wired

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