National Tea Day 2021: tips and recipes for tea lovers

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National Tea Day 2021 is the 21st of April. It is often celebrated in hotels and cafes alike, however, in light of restrictions, here are some tips and recipes to celebrate at home.

Tea has come a long way, from being a beverage your gran would like to taking on a whole new aesthetic, which a younger generation are appreciating.

Tea used to mean a good old cup of English Breakfast – which I love – but some would find uninspiring. Tea has taken on a new lease of life. This is down to many factors, including new shops, such as T2 reimaging tea.

T2 started in Australia and now has shops all over the globe, including one in Glasgow. Realising there is more to tea than English Breakfast was like a breath of fresh air.

I do not believe someone when they say they do not like tea. I believe there is a tea for everyone.

Black teas with different combination, some sweet, some Smokey. Green teas with mix of fruits or florals. Matcha where you are fully consuming the tea leaf. Then there are teas where there is simply no tea leaf at all, such as fruit teas or herbal.

The list is endless. Tea has become an exciting place to explore, with many different flavours and ways to make tea than ever before.

It is popular to use a fruit tea, perhaps peach-based, like T2s ‘packs a peach’ that is all dried fruit – turning it into the perfect iced tea. This can be done by boiling it like regular tea and allowing it to cool at room temperature, before putting it in the fridge or pouring straight over ice.

If you are over 18, why not make it into an iced tea cocktail with adding some peach schnapps and vodka?

The world of tea is exciting and there is something for everyone, with places selling hundreds of tea flavours, there is more than anyone can imagine.

Tea Latte Recipe:

Matcha Latte Image Credit: Shannon McAleer

Tea Lattes are my favourite thing to make. This tea turns out tasting like pancakes. It is the perfect hug in a mug!


  • New York Breakfast by T2
  • Soya Milk
  • Honey


1) Make a strong concentrate. This means when the milk is added the flavour is still coming through. I recommend 4 scoops of tea for 4 minutes of brew time. For a regular mug size, I use 1/3 water to 2/3 milk.

2) While waiting on your tea to brew, heat up your milk in a pan. Keep stirring to avoid burning.

3) Drain your tea from the strainer and add your hot milk.

4) Add as much or as little honey as you like, and enjoy.

This can be adapted to any black tea, or use matcha and make a matcha latte.

Three Tea Tips:

  1. Always brew green tea at 80 degrees. An easy way is to splash the tea with cold water before pouring on the boiling water.
  2. If you like your tea strong, do not brew for longer as it can make it bitter. Add an extra scoop of tea.
  3. The more room the tea has to move, the better it will brew. So, a pot or a mug with a bigger strainer will help the tea taste better. 

Feature image credit: One Ingredient Chef

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