5 Ways of Pampering Mother Earth: Stirling Edition

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As the only planet in our solar-system known to host life, the earth is a unique place to do just that: live. And with more than 8,7 million species estimated to inhabit this planet – not to mention the millions of organisms that we have yet to discover – the earth’s hosting skills are literally record-breaking.

This means that human beings are only one out of millions of species coexisting here – one of Mother Earth’s many guests. Here’s a list of ways in which to bring your personal guesting to the next level on this International Earth Day, 22 April 2021. 

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  1. Get Involved in Transition Stirling

This environmental charity promotes ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle in Stirlingshire, hosting activities such as workshops, skill sharing and a tool library. With COVID-restrictions, most of their events are currently taking place online: like this ‘nettle-cordial-workshop’ going live on 24 April at 10am. 

Apart from joining the events, volunteering or donating old tools are both valuable ways of getting involved. Hop onto their Facebook-page for all the latest updates on local happenings. 

  1. Go Get Some Free Food at Stirling Community Food

If you would like to contribute to reducing food waste in Stirling while saving a penny on your weekly groceries, check out this thriving project. The initiative collects excess food aimed for the bin from large supermarkets, and offers it to the community for free. 

The items up for grabs are sourced from local supermarkets and range from freshly baked bread to flower-bouquets. So far, over fifty tonnes of food has been prevented from going to landfill thanks to Stirling Community Food and all its hungry participants: the weight equivalent of an adult whale! 

Check their Facebook for daily updates on what’s on display.  

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  1. Then Spend the Money You Saved at the Green and Blue Space

The University of Stirling’s very own environmental hub is set to re-open its doors for the fall semester, in the venue that previously hosted Nisa. This new, larger space will be the base for all the Union’s environmental activities – as well hosting a food co-operative and a second-hand store. 

The products on sale in ‘the Food Hive’, are ethically and sustainably produced – and there’s an aim to keep prices affordable. If you become a member of the co-operative, you get a 10 per cent discount on all your purchases. All items being sold in ‘the Fair Share’ are donations from students or other community members, and range from fancy dresses to kitchen appliances. 

Get involved by donating your unwanted items, volunteering or participating in any of the upcoming events, which you can find on the Green and Blue Space’s Facebook-page.

  1. Join In on a Community Clean Up

If you have a spare few hours and feel like spending some time outdoors, Keep Scotland Beautiful can equip you to organize your own litter picking walk. Riverside Community Council is the base for this initiative in Stirling, from where you can borrow a free litter picking kit for your event. 

The aim of Keep Scotland Beautiful, is to create a network of community volunteers across Scotland who together work to tackle littering in their local areas. Between 28 May- 20 June 2021 the initiative will organize a Summer Clean across Scotland: if you’d like to get involved in this, or learn more about the project, check out their webpage!

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  1. Link Up with Tree Link and Get Planting

This tree-loving community-based organisation recently made headlines for planting 500 new oak trees in the Stirling area. Launched last November, the initiative aims to promote public interest in trees, through plantations, maintenance of woodlands, sparking conversations about trees, and linking people with their local forests.  

Trees – on top of being a blessing to the eye – are an essential part of our biodiversity here on earth: they capture and store carbon dioxide from the air, improve the quality of our air and waters, and help prevent floodings. If you’d be interested in becoming part of a growing community of tree-promoters, check out Tree Link’s website, or send them an email
at: treelinkstirling@outlook.com.

Joining a community of engaged and motivated people that are united by the aim of servicing this planet to the best of their abilities, is a wonderful way to gain inspiration and form new friendships, whilst simultaneously becoming a respectful guest to this planet. And if you’re still not convinced of the importance of acting for sustainability – start thinking of the earth as a ginormous shared house: how would you feel if your living room was on fire? Then act accordingly, because it technically is.

Feature image credit: Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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