Sturgeon rules out “wildcat” Scottish Independence referendum

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Tories say SNP are gaslighting voters

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First minister Nicola Sturgeon insists she won’t attempt an “illegal referendum” if the Westminster government refuse to hold another vote on so called “indyref2”

During last nights debate, the first minister accused Douglas Ross and the Tories of orchestrating a smear campaign against her and the SNP

“I will be responsible about that and I will build, and ultimately I think win, the case for independence through patient persuasion of people across the country.” Ms Sturgeon emphaticised during the debate. Adding “I would not countenance an illegal referendum – not least because it would not deliver independence,” 

This “illegal referendum” would be via invoking a section 30 order which means the Scottish government could legally stage “indyref2” without support of the uk government, essentially unchecked and gaslighting voters.

In the latest YouGov survey the percentage in favour is only 1 % higher for independence than 6 years ago Between catty remarks and jabs at each other sturgeon is not only facing conflict from opposition but within her own party aswell after the forming of Alex Salmonds new Alba party.

Many of her MPs are unhappy with this proposals, one SNP MP Richard Thomson claiming “simply go ahead with a referendum” with two senior members government, McCaskill and Neil saying much the same. It is their opinions that an attempt to stage another referendum, without a section 30, would likely spark a legal challenge from the UK government.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar claimed the referendum was a distraction from recovering education and economy after Covid. “I do not support a referendum,” Sarwar said. “I don’t support independence and I want people to choose something different…”

The SNP looks set to win at Thursday’s election, according to the latest polls but with low turnout percentages and a disenfranchised youth and voter base, can the SNP clutch victory.

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