Scottish Election Live: SNP win highest ever vote tally; fail to win majority however

Live Updates on the 2021 Scottish Parliament Elections from Brig's Politics Team.

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Live Updates on SP Election 2021 from Brig Newspaper

All votes are now counted. Final figures

SNP: 64 Greens: 8 Lib Dem: 4 Con: 31 Lab: 22

8:33pm: Lothian regional seats declared

The Conservatives got three seats on the list:

Miles Briggs, Sue Webber, and Jeremy Balfour

Labour won two:

Sarah Boyack, and Foysol Choudhury

Scottish Greens won two:

Alison Johnstone, and Lorna Slater 

8:22pm: South Scotland regional list seats declared:

The SNP gained 2 constituency seats in this region, but lost two regional.

Conservative won three:

Craig Hoy

Brian Whittle

Sharon Dowey

Labour won three:

Colin Smyth Carol Mochan

David Whitfield

And the SNP won one: Emma Harper

7:47pm: Mid Scotland and Fife regional list declared:

The Conservatives won four:

  1. Murdo Fraser
  2. Liz Smith
  3. Dean Lockhart
  4. Alexander Stewart

Labour won two:

  1. Claire Baker
  2. Alex Rowley

Scottish Greens won one:

  1. Mark Ruskell

7:35pm: Salmond loses contest for Holyrood seat- no Alba seats overall so far

7:25pm: Glasgow regional list seats:

Scottish Labour took four seats, the Conservatives took two seats and the Greens one seat.

The elected MSPs are:

Labour: Pauline McNeill

Labour: Anas Sarwar

Labour: Paul Sweeney

Labour: Pam Duncan-Glancy

Conservative: Annie Wells

Conservative: Sandesh Gulhane

Green: Patrick Harvie

7:22pm: North East Scotland regional list seats declared:

The Conservatives won four:
Liam Kerr, Douglas Lumsden, Maurice Golden, and Tess White

Labour won two:
Michael Marra, and Mercedes Villalba

Greens picked up one, with Maggie Chapman.

7:20pm: Scotland West regional top-up seats declared:

Labour won 3 seats with Neil Bibby Katy Clark, and Paul O’Kane.

The Conservatives have won three: Russel FIndlay, Jamie Greene, and Pam Gosal.

The Scottish Greens won one seat, with Ross Greer.

6:45pm: All constituency ballots have now been counted in Scotland.

SNP: 63 Con: 12

Lab: 6 Lib: 4 Green: 2

6:25pm: SNP hold Edinburgh North and Leith

SNP’s Ben Macpherson has held his Edinburgh seat – with all constituency ballots across Scotland now counted.

5.55pm: SNP hold Edinburgh Eastern.

Ash Denham SNP has held Edinburgh Eastern, winning with an increased majority of 10,117 votes over Labour.

5.41pm: The Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has been elected as one of the four Tories on the Highland list.

The Conservative gained four Highland regional list seats.

SNP have kept their Highland list seat.

Labour won one.

The Greens gained a seat.

5.37pm: Central Scotland MSP list sees former Stirling MP get a seat on the regional list.

The Conservatives gained three seats – Graham Simpson, Stephan Kerr (former Stirling MP), and Meghan Gallacher.

Labour gained three seats – Monica Lennon, Richard Leonard, and Mark Griffin.

The Greens gained one seat on this regional list – Gillian MacKay.

4:25pm: SNP hold Edinburgh Pentlands

The SNP’s Gordon MacDonald has held Edinburgh Pentlands.

4:24pm: Conservatives hold Aberdeenshire West

The Conservatives have held Aberdeenshire West, a key SNP target in its bid to get a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament.

The constituency is the only one in the North East region that hasn’t voted SNP, and is a key loss for them.

4:00pm: SNP hold East Kilbride

Collette Stevenson has won East Kilbride for the SNP.

3:52pm: SNP hold Glasgow Shettleston

John Mason has held Glasgow Shettleston for the SNP.

His majority over Labour increased to 8,025.

3:45pm: SNP hold Clydesdale

Mairi McAllan has won Clydesdale for the SNP.

The Tory vote share was up 5.7%.

3:33pm: SNP hold Glasgow Cathcart

James Dornan has held on to Glasgow Cathcart for the SNP.

3:18pm: SNP hold Angus South

Graeme Dey has held Angus South for the SNP.

Graeme Dey increased his majority over the Conservatives to 6,117.

3:10pm: SNP hold Dunfermline.

Shirley-Anne Somerville has held Dunfermline for the SNP with a greatly increased majority of 8,664 over Labour.

The SNP share of the vote went up by 5.6% on an increased turnout.

2:56pm: SNP hold Almond Valley

2:49pm SNP hold Mid Fife and Glenrothes

2:48pm SNP hold Glasgow Provan

2:46pm: SNP hold Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley

2:45pm SNP hold Uddingston and Bellshill

Stephanie Callaghan has won the seat for SNP In Uddingston and Bellshill

2:40pm: SNP hold Falkirk West

2:14pm: SNP hold Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

MSP Jamie Hepburn holds Cumbernauld and Kilsyth for SNP

1:56pm: SNP hold Perthshire South and Kinross-shire

Jim Fairlie has won the seat for SNP in Perthshire South and Kinross.

It was a key goal for the Scottish Conservatives

12:59pm : SNP hold Renfrewshire South

12:57pm : SNP Hold Dundee City East

Former Health Secretary, Shona Robinson holds her seat.

12:33pm-SNP Hold Aberdeen South and North Kircardine

SNP hold the seat with a slight increase in the share of the vote

10:53 am – SNP hold Aberdeenshire East

Gillian Martin from SNP chosen as the next MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

9:00 am – Counting resumes

Another day of counting ballot papers across Scotland begins.

Results are expected to be announced today.

8:05 pm – Aberdeenshire East count rolls over to Saturday

Counting will resume at 09:00.

Aberdeenshire Council said staff had done an “outstanding job” under very different circumstances from previous elections, given the Covid protocols

7:39 pm – Conservatives hold Eastwood

Former Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw has held his seat for the Eastwood constituency.

7:35pm SNP hold Aberdeen Central

The SNP hold the constituency with an increased majority whilst the Scottish Labour Party drop to third place in the constituency

7:25pm: Labour Hold Edinburgh Southern

Daniel Johnson is re elected as the Labour msp for the area

7:12pm SNP Hold Cumminghame South

7:09pm Angus Robertson gains Edinburgh Central from Conservatives

Angus Robertson has taken the Edinburgh Central seat, previously held by Conservative leader Ruth Davidson

6:52 SNP hold Inverness and Nairn

Fergus Ewing has held the SNP seat for Inverness and Nairn.

This comes with a marginally reduced majority of 9,114.

6:51pm Conservatives hold Dumfriesshire

Oliver Mundell holds the seat for the Conservatives in Dumfriesshire.

Joan McAlpine came second for the SNP.

6:41pm SNP hold Moray

Richard Lochhead holds Moray for the SNP.

6:35pm SNP hold Greenock and Inverclyde

Stuart McMillan has won the seat for Greenock and Inverclyde.

Labour came in second.

The turnout was increased to 63.4%.

6:28pm Lib Dems hold Edinburgh Western

MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has held Edinburgh Western for the Lib Dems.

This included a 7,000 majority increase and a move of 6.8% from SNP.

6:09pm SNP holds Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch

Kate Forbes has won the seat for SNP in Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch.

This comes with an alleged 68.4% turnout.

6:01pm SNP hold Argyll and Bute

Jenni Minto holds Argyll and Bute for SNP, coming in at a 8,963 majority ahead of the Conservatives

5:52 Conservatives hold Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire

Rachel Hamilton has held the seat for the Scottish Conservatives in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire. Paul Wheelhouse was second from the SNP.

5:40pm SNP holds Cowdenbeath

5:39pm SNP takes Ayr from the Conservatives

Siobhian Brown of SNP won Ayr from the Scottish Conservatives with a 170 majority

5:27pm SNP hold Glasgow Pollok

Humza Yousaf holds the SNP seat for Glasgow Pollok with a 7,105 majority ahead of the Labour party

5:20pm SNP hold Rutherglen

5:17pm SNP hold Renfrewshire North and West

5:15pm SNP Hold Strathkelvin & Bearsden

5:10pm SNP Hold Clackmannanshire & Dunblane

4:58pm SNP Hold Glasgow MaryHill and Springburn

4:53pm SNP hold Hamilton , Larkhall and Stonehouse

Christina McKelvie of SNP holds, with a reported 3.1% increase from SNP to Labour

4:41pm SNP Hold Linlithgow

Fiona Hyslop holds Linlithgow for SNP

4:41pm SNP Hold Stirling

Evelyn Tweed becomes the SNP MSP for Stirling

4:39pm SNP Hold Clackmannanshire and Dunblane

SNP Hold Clackmannanshire and Dunblane with an increased majority from 2016

4:30pm SNP Hold Airdrie and Shotts

SNP Hold Airdrie and Shotts with over 50% of the vote

4:27pm Scottish Liberal Democrats Hold North East Fife

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie holds North East Fife and thanks his “outstanding team” and his family in his acceptance speech

4:19pm: Scottish Liberal Democrats hold Shetland

The Scottish Liberal Democrats hold Shetland with a majority of 806

4:12pm-SNP Hold Glasgow Southside

The SNP hold the SNP leader’s seat.

Nicola Sturgeon has issued thanks to her opponents and the electorate of the constituency

4:09pm-SNP Hold Caithness , Sutherland and Ross

The SNP hold the constituency with a majority of 2, 591

4:07 pm-SNP Hold Coatbridge and Chryston

The SNP’s candidate Fulton MacGregor has held Coatbridge and Chryston

3.55 pm – SNP have gained East Lothian.

The SNP’s Paul McLennan has gained East Lothian with a majority of 1,179.

This is the first seat to change.

3:55 pm – SNP hold Angus North and Mearns

SNP’s Mairi Gougeon has held Angus North and Mearns.

3:44 pm – SNP hold Falkirk East

SNP’s Michelle Thomson has held Falkirk East.

Thomson won with a majority of 7,585 votes, Labour came in at second place.

The turnout was 62.7%.

3:28 pm – SNP hold Glasgow Anniesland

SNP’s Bill Kidd has held Glasgow Anniesland with an increased majority of 6,588 votes.

The turnout was 58.3%.

3:19 pm – SNP hold Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley

SNP’s Willie Coffey has held the Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley seat with 52.7% of the vote.

Coffey had a majority of 11,681 votes, with Labour coming in second.

The turnout was 61.4%.

3:08 pm – SNP hold Banffshire and Buchan Coast

With 45.2% of the vote, SNP’s Karen Adam wins Banff and Buchan.

The turnout was 56.1%

2:37 pm – SNP hold Dundee City West

Joe Fitzpatrick chosen as another MSP from the SNP, winning in Dundee City West with 57.8% of the vote.

The Labour Party takes distant second place.

The confirmed turnout was 56.7%.

2:26 pm – SNP hold Perthshire North

John Swinney becomes MSP for Perthshire North, winning the SNP a seat with 48.6% of the vote.

The Conservatives came in second, with candidate Murdo Fraser 4,000 votes behind Swinney.

The constituency reported a high turnout up to 69.9%.

2:20 pm – Clackmannanshire and Dunblane turnout 66.3%

Clackmannanshire and Dunblane Constituency confirms 66.3% turnout in Scottish Parliament Election.

2:12 pm – Stirling turnout 69.3%

Scottish Parliament 2021 election sees confirmed 69.3% turnout in Stirling Constituency with 41,090 ballot papers to be counted.

1:58 pm – SNP hold Clydebank and Milngavie

SNP hold Clydebank and Milngavie as Marie McNair is elected the next MSP, after SNP’s Gil Paterson’s retirement.

Labour comes in second with 5,000 votes behind SNP in a 68% turnout.

1:54 pm – SNP hold Na h-Eilenan an Iar

Alasdair Allan elected MSP wins Na h-Eileanan an Iar for SNP.

1:25 pm – SNP hold Aberdeen Donside

Jackie Dunbar becomes the MSP for Aberdeen Donside, gaining the first win for SNP in the 2021 election.

1:15 pm – Liberal Democrats hold Orkney

First results of the Scottish Parliament election are published as Liam McArthur of Liberal Democrats is re-elected as the MSP for Orkney.

10:00 pm – Polls close as voting ends across Scotland

The polls have closed and voting has ended in the 2021 Scottish Elections.

While usually votes would be counted throughout the night the pandemic means that counting will not start until tomorrow.

Results are expected to be announced over Friday and Saturday.

Brig will bring more updates on the Scottish Election as the results are announced.

8:23 pm – Stirling expected to declare on Friday

Due to the pandemic, vote counting will not start until tomorrow morning.

The constituencies covering Stirling students, Stirling and Clackmannanshire and Dunblane, are expected to be announced on Friday May 7, according to provisional dates set by the Electoral Management Board.

The regional results for Mid-Scotland and Fife and the seven other regions are expected to be announced on Saturday May 9.

See the full list of which seats are expected to be announced on Friday and Saturday below. These predictions are provisional and may change as votes are counted.

7:00 pm – Three hours left to vote

The polls close at 10pm. Voters across Scotland have three hours left to cast their ballots.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Voting closes

5:08 pm – When will we know the result?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, votes in this election will not be counted until the morning after (Friday May 7) the polls close.

Results from across Scotland will be coming in across the country from Friday.

This means that we will not receive a final result until Saturday May 8 or Sunday May 9.

12:00 noon – Voting during COVID

Please remember to wear a mask when visiting your polling station.

Know where your polling station is.

Make sure you fold your ballot paper.

Your orange and purple ballot papers go into separate boxes, make sure that your ballots go in the correct box.

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7:00 am – Voting opens across Scotland

The polls have opened across Scotland for the Holyrood Elections. The polls will be open until 10pm tonight.

Credit: Canva Library

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