Former MP Stephen Kerr wins Holyrood seat

Kerr served as Stirling's MP from 2017-2019.

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Stirling’s former MP Stephen Kerr will hold a seat in the Scottish Parliament following the 2021 election.

Kerr will be a regional MSP for Central Scotland after the Conservatives won three seats for the region, which covers Falkirk, North Lanarkshire and part of South Lanarkshire.

There was little doubt around Kerr’s entry to Holyrood, as he led the Conservative list for Central Scotland.

After his election win, Kerr said, “A great privilege to be elected for Central Scotland. My colleagues Graham Simpson and Meghan Gallacher have a lot of work to do but we are eager to get started.”

Following the result of the election, Kerr voiced his opposition to a second independence referendum and called on the First Minister to work with the UK Government on recovery from the pandemic.

“No SNP majority, no mandate for IndyRef2. A great desire to unite to recover from COVID from everyone.

“Sturgeon must stop her anti-UK Government agenda and work across Scotland’s two governments for the good of all Scots.”

Kerr was elected in 2017 to be Stirling’s MP but lost the seat to the SNP’s Alyn Smith in 2019. In that time he worked on the city region deal, served in Theresa May’s government and saw a visit to Stirling from the then Prime Minister.

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