Johnson: “everything under close observation” with the Indian variant looming

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On Tuesday, the Prime Minister said he doubts the new variant will effect the government’s plan to lift social distancing restrictions on June 21st.

Touting the vaccination program, Johnson suggested we’ve built up “a wall of defenses.”

“We’re keeping everything under very very careful close review” Johnson stated.

He also mentioned the government will know whether the Indian variant will be more transmissable or if the vaccines will stem the case numbers in the coming days.

Currently, India has over 25 million Covid cases and almost 300 thousand deaths with only 3% of its population fully vaccinated. Thirty percent of the UK’s population has received both doses of the vaccine.

The hotspots of the Indian variant are mainly in England, however case numbers have risen in Glasgow and Moray. In response, the Scottish government has ramped up vaccination and allowed those in their 20s and 30s to get the jab.

“We’ve got to be cautious” Johnson reminded, “but we’ll be letting people know in a few days’ time.”

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