Credit:Nicola Sturgeon

Co-operation government talks between SNP and greens in primary stages

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Credit: Nicola Sturgeon

The First Minister’s plans to begin talks with the Greens for a “co-operation government” are said to have been at the “very early stage”, and that a timeline for discussions has not yet been drafted, according to Lorna Slater, the co-leader of the Green Party.

After failing to secure a majority in the recent Scottish Parliament elections, it would be in the interest of the First Minister to ensure a stable majority with the help of the seven seats won by the Scottish Greens this year as it would allow for the necessary mandate for independence to be legitimised.

Although this is not the first time the SNP has had to face the prospect of a minority government. In 2016, the failure to achieve a majority in the elections also meant that they to lead as a minority, therefore it is not out width the realms of possibility to do so.

It would also provide benefit to the Green Party as it would perhaps allow for some of their climate policy proposals to be faster developed into a reality.

However, this is all yet to be formally discussed. Speaking to the BBC, Slater stated “that process could run right through the summer recess until Holyrood returns for the autumn term”.

Credit: Scottish Greens

Elements that are thought to be key in the discussions include “housing, job creation, renewable energy and tackling the climate emergency”

The two parties are at the “absolute start of the process” according to Slater, and “will have to see where it comes to in a few months time”.

However, talks of such a coalition have not come without criticism. Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party leader Douglass Ross spoke of Sturgeons drive for another independence referendum as “divisive”, stating that “This isn’t a speech to unite Scotland, it is a regurgitation of the SNP’s top priority: it sets up the same old versus them choice.”

Feature image credit:Nicola Sturgeon

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