Casino Rockets: ‘Reality Distortion Field’ Album Review

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Casino Rockets released their debut album Reality Distortion Field on 21 May. The self-financed band have been working on this record since 2018, to finally have it out into the world is such an achievement.

The four-piece – Tiv Whitaker (vocals/synths), Rick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Dan Lea (vocals/synths/bass) and the purposefully unrecognisable Chris (drums) – from Halifax, have quite the history.

Each have been playing together for 13 years and recording music on and off since 2002.

This alt/math post-rock debut album starts off with opening track Impala. This track sets up the album well with its electronic introduction which descends into the classic rock vocals.

The crashing guitar and drum sections go well and are what transforms and makes the track.

This leads into the second track People Like You. This starts off with a countdown that leads nicely into the vocals.

The rhythms used are particularly noticeable in this track. The drop in tempo is what makes the song, the sudden change is pure magic.

Image credit – Casino Rockets on Instagram

Only Light Can Save You has the same vibe as People Like You. The tempo is slower but it changes throughout, like most tracks on the album.

This track gets the right level of intensity as it maintains that calming niceness and feel about it.

Next is Simpatico Thieves. This follows the motion of the plucked guitar that evolves into a clearer rhythm. This track has a tint of the ‘80s.

Fonzerelli consists of those soft vocals intertwining with the baseline so smoothly. The instrumentals are very well-put throughout.

Another electronic sound is that of The Maker. To simply put – a really beautiful track. The rhythmic sounds are what overall makes this what it is.

Black & Red carries different layers to it. From the baseline to the crashing of the drums to those soft vocals again, it is a track that has everything.

Drive Me to the Dusk is the ‘different’ track of the album. However, each track has its own unique sound so the band do well in making this work.

This track takes the listener on a psychedelic journey.

Feel Me Now is another psychedelic track and the second-last of the album. The synths are taken up a notch during this track.

The closing track Kachumber essentially counts the listener in before the vocals kick in with an alarm rhythm. These mix well throughout and the melancholy sound brings the album together.

Image credit – Casino Rockets on Instagram

Casino Rockets have shown just what they can do in a matter of 50 minutes.

It is important, particularly with what is going on in the world just now, that independent bands and artists are supported.

Casino Rockets are a fine example of what such support means to developing bands.

Reality Distortion Field is available now on all music-streaming services.

Featured image credit – Casino Rockets on Instagram

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