Easy Ice Cream Recipe

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We’ve all seen those dreamy TikTok picnics with Pinterest cakes and displays of fruit, but have you seen the new ice cream trend? I’m not talking about Little Moon’s mochi, I’m talking about the no-churn easy ice cream recipes. It consists of three core ingredients, plus any toppings or mix throughs you desire. 

The possibilities are endless: fruit, biscuits, chocolate. TikTokers have adapted the recipe to McFlurrys, and Biscoff and Oreo flavours. Most importantly, it’s the perfect addition to sunny picnics. 


250ml condensed milk

500ml double cream 

1tp vanilla extract

250g crushed biscuits, berries, crushed chocolate, etc. 

100g toppings (biscuits, chocolate, berries etc.) 


Step 1: Whisk the double cream until stiff. 

Step 2: Add the condensed milk to the mixture. 

Step 3: Stir in the vanilla extract and any mix throughs. Empty the mixture into your tin of choice. 

Step 4: Freeze for four hours for soft serve texture, or six+ hours for a harder ice cream. 

Step 5: Mix upon removal for a soft serve texture. Add toppings and enjoy. 

Featured image credit: The Pioneer Woman

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