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I can’t wait to go swimming again

A poem by Imogen Robinson.

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The splashing and the dashing poolside
Cave-like echoes of a childโ€™s joyful cries
Bouncing off the walls
Amidst the sound of cannon balls

The ring-a-ring-a-roses and the pinching of noses
Before reckless leaps into the air
And oh the rat tail hair
Hanging limply from towel-dried heads

Whole world shut away behind steamed up goggles
Mind boggles, over a year since I heard that
Gentle lapping, buoyant blue against tiles
Lap after lap, mustโ€™ve swam for miles

The architecture of the body in a clinging cozzie soaked,
Weightless in water, lifeguard whistle warning at a โ€˜Geronimoโ€™;
I miss those kind of rules
At the local swimming pool

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